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LA Woman may not break you on through to the other side, but it will have you feeling like you’re visiting another dimension.

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Wholesale LA Woman Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 448 times today. Purchased 66 times today. Purchased 398 times this week.   LA Woman cannabis seeds will be sure to get your cultivation “mojo risin.” Named for the legendary Doors song and album, LA Woman is a potent 50/50 hybrid that we can only hope Jim Morrison would give his seal of approval to as countless cannabis users consistently do. This hybrid is the offspring of LA Confidential and Mean Green.   What are the effects of LA Woman cannabis? Relaxed Focused Happy Psychoactive With LA Woman cannabis seeds, you’ll be able to grow a true crowd-pleaser of a strain that contains a THC level of 23% that may not take you to the other side, but will have you feeling like you’re visiting another dimension. The initial effects of LA Woman cannabis set in rather slowly, taking as long as 15 minutes before you begin to really notice its effects. While it’s typical for sativa/indica hybrids to start with a cerebral high, LA Woman does things the opposite by first delivering a heavy body high that may result in couch lock much later on.  These relaxing effects are then joined by a happy mental uplift that may suddenly have you merrily engaging in some stream-of-conscious freestyling. LA Woman is also known for being quite psychoactive, where things like time and perception become dilated and distorted, making for perhaps an ideal time to get lost in a deep music-listening session or trippy documentary about space. Many users like to use LA Woman when outdoors, where they can lie on their backs and take in the slow-moving afternoon clouds or star-filled night sky. What are the therapeutic benefits of LA Woman cannabis? This feel-good, psychedelic hybrid has a solid following among medical users seeking non-chemical ways to address various mental and physical health issues.  LA Woman has the potential to temporarily alleviate issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s also widely said to provide patients who are suffering from chronic aches and pains, spasms, cramps, and inflammation a much-needed break. As an appetite stimulant, LA Woman may be of significant use to those struggling with eating disorders.   What does LA Woman taste like? LA Woman has a very pungent and long-lasting fragrance and flavor profile, with many users saying that its taste stays with you long after you’re done using it. This is to say, there’s nothing subtle and softly lingering about this evenly-balanced hybrid that has a sweet taste of diesel, citrus, and pine. Hence the fact that some say it tastes akin to a household cleaning product. How do I grow LA Woman cannabis seeds? LA Woman is not advised for first-time nor novice growerst as it will require at least a medium amount of cultivation experience. However, one thing that will make things that much smoother for growers is that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which means that the chances of ending up with a male or hermaphrodite plant are slim. LA Woman can be successfully grown inside and out, where outside it requires a semi-humid environment where daytime temperatures stay between 72-80 degree Fahrenheit.  If indoors is a better option for you, it’s highly recommended that you use exhaust fans or carbon air filters as LA Woman is not discreet.   What do LA Woman cannabis plants look like? While LA Woman’s appearances aren’t underwhelming, they aren’t particularly striking either. Perhaps “generic” would be a good way to describe its buds, in that they pretty much look how one expects cannabis to look. All in all, LA Woman’s nuggets are a mossy green with chunky brown hairs and a solid yet nondescript thin frosting of trichomes.    When to harvest your LA Woman cannabis plant LA Woman will provide cultivators with a yield that’s satisfactory in size and quality. Should you have the means to provide the right kind of interior air filtration system for this strong-smelling hybrid, you can anticipate an indoor harvest of 300 grams per square meter in 9-10 weeks. If you instead opt to grow LA Woman outdoors, you can anticipate a yield of 300 grams per plant in the autumn.   Cannabis strains similar to LA Woman LA Confidential this well-rounded 50/50 hybrid is one of LA Woman’s parent strains Sundae Driver a chocolate-sundae tasting dessert strain that’s also a 50/50 hybrid $100 OG a 50/50 hybrid rich with THC that’ll power your day with a smile Valentine X another 50/50 hybrid, but this one has a 25:1 CBD to THC level Snowcap another  50/50 split that’ll fuel your day with giddy laughter and creative energy.


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