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An indica-dominant hybrid, Kushberry, provides cerebral ecstasy and immense physical relaxation without the intense mental overwhelm and couch lock.

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Wholesale Kushberry Feminized Seeds Viewed 407 times today. Purchased 93 times today. Purchased 463 times this week.   Kushberry cannabis seeds are a must for those who want the cerebral ecstasy of a sativa and the physical soothing of an indica all without the intense mental overwhelm and couch lock. Also known as “Kush Berry” and “Berry Kush,” Kushberry is the proud, powerful descendant of luminary, multiple award-winning parent strains Blueberry and OG Kush.   What are the effects of Kushberry cannabis? Relaxed Happy Sleepy High-yielding Kushberry cannabis seeds mature into plants with an indica to sativa ratio of 75:25 and a THC content of 22%. As is not uncommon for sativa/indica hybrids, regardless of which of the two is dominant, the effects of Kushberry cannabis are first felt cerebrally transporting users from feeling down in the dumps and frazzled to upbeat, happy, and blissed out. While Kushberry’s commencement is quite powerful, nearing the point of “intense,” it stops just short of being overwhelming to the point of leaving users feeling like they’re “drugged out.” Followed by its potent cerebral effects, Kushberry’s dominant indica side takes hold by sending deep waves of relaxation throughout the body, which also serves to keep its dynamic mental effects in check. Even though Kushberry is 75% indica, its cerebral and physical effects are exceptionally balanced as they serve to complement each other and keep the other from becoming too much to handle.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Kushberry cannabis? Kushberry’s fantastic ability to provide effects that are equally relaxing as they are euphorically uplifting make it a therapeutically beneficial strain for medical users for both physical and mental health ailments. One of this indica’s most notable benefits to medical users is its potential to provide temporary relief to those who need some respite from stress, depression, and symptoms related to other mood disorders. When it comes to physical aches and pains, Kushberry is reported to be effective in providing pain management for general bodily woes, including headaches and cramps. Plus, it has a reputation for inducing hunger, which can be of great benefit to those struggling with eating disorders. Finally, Kushberry’s physically calming effects can serve as a sleep aid to insomniacs, thereby allowing them to get a full night’s sleep.   What does Kushberry taste like? When it comes to Kushberry’s fragrance, its parental lineage of OG Kush and Blueberry are quite apparent. With both smell and taste being such subjective things, it wouldn’t be surprising if you came across seemingly contrasting descriptions of its flavor with some saying its fragrance carries over to its taste, and others saying the opposite. However, what most users seem to agree on is that Kushberry’s flavor profile consists of a prominent blueberry taste with a harmonious blend of citrus, wood, and earth. Those with more discerning palates may also pick up on its floral aftertaste. All in all, Kushberry is quite a delightful experience to both the olfactory and taste senses.   How do I grow Kushberry cannabis seeds? Thriving both indoors and outdoors, Kushberry requires at least a medium amount of cultivation experience in order to successfully grow it despite not being a particularly high-maintenance strain to nurture. The fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means that the chances of ending up with male plants is quite low–somewhere in the 10% or so range. If you’re growing Kushberry outside, know that it requires a Mediterranean-like climate to achieve its full potential. If indoors is your preferred growing environment, using hydroponics is recommended, though soil will work fine as well. Using the Sea of Green technique in order to speed up its growing time and increase its yield size is also advised.   What do Kushberry cannabis plants look like? Kushberry plants are generally short and stocky, which means that they shouldn’t require any supports when growing or flowering. Its exceptionally large nuggets are quite dense in structure, which is a trait typical of an indica. Kushberry’s dark green buds are blanketed in an inviting, shimmering frosting of trichomes and are interwoven with fine, wispy pistils.   When to harvest your Kushberry cannabis plant As an above-average yielder, Kushberry is sure to delight cultivators at harvest time. When grown inside, this indica-dominant hybrid should flower in about 8-9 weeks and provide an approximate harvest of 500 grams per square meter. Cultivated indoors, Kushberry usually produces a generous harvest of somewhere around 600 grams per plant sometime between the third and final week of October.   Similar cannabis strains to Kushberry Blueberry with GCS it’s possible to get the autoflowering version of the pure indica classic that claims Kushberry as one of its offspring OG Kush this popular, near evenly-balanced hybrid is also one of Kushberry’s impressive parent strains Overlord OG an even more powerful indica-dominant hybrid that also has OG Kush as a parent strain Face Off OG this face-melting hybrid also has an indica/sativa ratio of 75:25 DJ Short Blueberry another incredibly potent, indica-dominant strain that also tastes strongly of blueberries


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