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Kosher Tangie is an award-winning, indica-leaning, mood-booster of a hybrid strain that delivers balanced effects and a zesty fragrance and flavor.

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Wholesale Kosher Tangie Feminized Seeds Viewed 438 times today. Purchased 69 times today. Purchased 519 times this week. For an award-winning, indica-leaning, mood-booster of a hybrid strain, Kosher Tangie cannabis seeds will provide you with exactly that. Having won best indica two different years, along with several other awards, Kosher Tangie is the offspring of Kosher Kush and Tangie. It’s an ideal hybrid in terms of providing both medical and recreational users with balanced effects and a zesty fragrance and flavor.   What are the effects of Kosher Tangie cannabis? Relaxed Euphoric Uplifted Creative Kosher Tangie cannabis seeds produce plants with feel-good, soothing effects and a 19% THC content. Kosher Tangle’s all about giving euphorically uplifting vibes, a lighter sense of being, and relieving physical tensions so that you can go about your day or night with a happy bounce in your step. Creative types tend to flock to this strain, as Kosher Tangie has a reputation for inducing both focus and creativity, both of which are necessary for any artist to produce or carry on with their innovative endeavors. While Kosher Tangie is generally quite mellow and mood-boosting, it can sometimes result in mild couch-lock that makes for a welcome time of blissful relaxation.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Kosher Tangie cannabis? Kosher Tangie, which has strong physically and cerebrally relaxing effects, has the potential to effectively alleviate mental health issues such as chronic stress and/or anxiety and mood swings, along with depression and PTSD-related symptoms. When it comes to providing relief from various physical health issues, Kosher Tangie may help in providing temporary relief from chronic pain, PMS, arthritis, joint aches, back and muscle pains and spasms, nausea, and loss of appetite.    What does Kosher Tangie taste like? Kosher Tangie tastes a lot like it smells, and how it smells is pretty close to heavenly.  Citrus is one of the major components of Kosher Tangie’s flavor profile. Combined with citrus are powerfully pungent notes with strong sweet and sour notes of orange. Combusted, Kosher Tangie’s skunky and sugary tangerine flavors become stronger and stronger with each inhale and exhale.    How do I grow Kosher Tangie cannabis seeds? Not only are all Growers Choice cannabis seeds feminized, but Kosher Tangie is a high-yielding strain that even novice cultivators find success with. What makes it so easy to grow is that Kosher Tangie is low-maintenance and highly resistant to common molds and mildew. This hybrid, which can be grown indoors or out, does grow to be quite tall, so you’ll want to make sure you either have enough space inside or that discretion isn’t tantamount to your cultivating it outside. Grown outdoors, Kosher Tangie will also require a hot and sunny, Mediterranean-like climate to thrive.   What do Kosher Tangie cannabis plants look like? Despite being indica-dominant, Kosher Tangie is a very tall-growing plant with sativa-like buds that are long, fluffy, and thin. Its nuggets are bright to neon green in color with rich undertones of purple and an array of brilliant orange hairs that seems almost feathery in composition. Kosher Tangie’s buds are thoroughly blanketed in snow-white trichomes and a sticky layer of resin that will need to be broken up in a grinder. Note that you might want to designate a grinder for more resinous strains, as Kosher Tangie is likely to gunk things up.   When to harvest your Kosher Tangie cannabis plant Kosher Tangie is easy to grow and is a generous yielder—every cultivator’s ideal traits.  When planted indoors, Kosher Tangie generally produces an approximate harvest of 550 grams per square meter after about 9-10 weeks. Provided growing is legal where you live, then cultivating this strain outdoors should result in an even larger yield of 600 grams per plant near the end of October.   Cannabis strains similar to Kosher Tangie Kosher Kush this easy-to-grow, relaxing pure indica is one of Kosher Tangie’s parent strains Tangie an award-winning, sativa-dominant hybrid that Kosher Tangie claims as its other impressive parent strain Purple Elephant an elusive hybrid that’s also indica leaning and that’s only recently become available in seed form Sugar Cookie this delectable strain also leans to the indica side with a higher THC level of 23% LA Confidential a 50/50 hybrid that also has the potential to help with inflammation-related issues like arthritis 


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