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To say that Kong is a knockout of a pure indica is more an understatement than a foray into the hyperbolic.

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Wholesale Kong Feminized Seeds Viewed 447 times today. Purchased 91 times today. Purchased 618 times this week.   Kong cannabis seeds, which are not to be confused with King Kong or Hong Kong cannabis seeds, are like growing an automatic 1-2-K.O. in your garden. Kong is a highly-potent indica that’s the offspring of revered parent strains Motivation and White Russian. To say it’s a knockout of a pure indica is more of an understatement than a foray into the hyperbolic.   What are the effects of Kong cannabis? Relaxed Sleepy Happy With Kong cannabis seeds, you’ll be able to cultivate a high-yielding, 100% indica with a THC content of 19%.   From the get-go, Kong cannabis punches users up with a surprisingly energetic rush of happiness and glee that just may have you giggling because you feel so good about life. You may even, at first, feel inspired to get up and go, but that motivation is quite temporary as soon Kong’s relaxing effects begin to slow and numb the body, leaving you feeling blissfully inspired to spend quality time bonding with your couch. This fast-acting, evening strain that elevates the mood and lulls the body into a state of buzzy, tingly physical calm will have you feeling euphorically content to just lie about not doing much of anything until, the next thing you know, you awake from some restorative sleep and say to yourself: “Whooaaaaa! They weren’t joking about it packing a punch—that Kong sure knocked me out!”   What are the therapeutic benefits of Kong cannabis? When it comes to one’s physical and mental health, the mighty Kong has much to offer medical users with its sedating and joyful effects that could have you feeling like you’re floating on cloud nine.  As an indica known for being fast-acting, spirit-lifting, and cerebrally stimulating, Kong has built a pretty solid reputation in the medical cannabis community for helping to temporarily alleviate stress, depression, and issues related to PTSD. Thanks to being a pure indica, Kong has numerous analgesic effects including helping those suffering from chronic pain, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, and, of course, insomnia.   What does Kong taste like? Kong, which has a unique smell of diesel, pepper, and earth with surprising fruity undertones to it is far more enjoyable than it may sound. Kong’s fragrance profile carries over to its flavor, combined with an added hint of citrusy lemon. When combusted, its smoke is quite pleasing to the palate and smooth on the lungs with a slightly peppery aftertaste on the exhale.   How do I grow Kong cannabis seeds? Kong does require previous experience in order to successfully cultivate it. As such, those who are somewhere around an intermediate level and above should have no problems growing this incredible indica. Plus, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which means that the chances of ending up with male or hermaphrodite plants are quite low. Grown outside, Kong prefers a sunny and temperate climate. Cultivated indoors, this pure indica should thrive when using hydroponics. In addition, it should also respond well to the Screen of Green (SoG) method, which should help spur its growth and increase the size of its harvests.   What do Kong cannabis plants look like? Kong plants are medium in height and produce good-sized nuggets. Kong buds, though not particularly descript in nature, are known for being elongated and pepper-shaped. Its nuggets, which are shades of mint green, are covered in wispy orange hairs and a generous frosting of small white crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your Kong cannabis plant Kong definitely doesn’t hold back when it comes to the harvests it produces, which can be described as excessively generous in quantity. As such, it’s fair to say that you won’t be disappointed by investing your time and effort into nurturing this indica from seedling to high-yielding plant. Indoors, Kong should only take about 7-8 weeks to enter its flowering stage, and should produce an approximate harvest of a whopping 700 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, Kong tends to produce an even more delightfully-rewarding yield of 800 grams per plant near the end of September and into early October.   Cannabis strains similar to Kong Afghani also a 100% indica that’s a pure-bred landrace with an enviable yield Master Kush an easy-to-grow, high-yielding, award-winning strain that’s also a 100% pure indica  Kosher Kush another pure indica that’s sure to impress with its fast-acting sedation and relaxing effects Mercury OG one more 100% pure indica that provides an uplifting, munchie-inducing, incapacitated-on-the-couch kind of high Durban Poison on the opposite end of the spectrum, this is an energizing and mood-boosting 100% pure sativa that’s as powerful as it is popular


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