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Extraordinary wake-and-bake strain Killer Queen is an evenly-balanced hybrid descended from cannabis royalty with impressive lineage.

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Wholesale Killer Queen Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 446 times today. Purchased 85 times today. Purchased 446 times this week.   To cultivate a wake-and-bake strain with a very impressive lineage and named after one of Queen’s killer songs, Killer Queen cannabis seeds are the way to go, or, grow. The direct offspring of the two hugely popular and notable parent strains G13 and Cinderella 99, and with the one and only OG, Jack Herer, as a grandparent strain, 50/50 hybrid Killer Queen is descended from cannabis royalty…not to mention, extraordinarily nice.    What are the effects of Killer Queen cannabis? Relaxed Focused Energetic Uplifted With Killer Queen cannabis seeds you’ll be able to grow an extraordinary, evenly-balanced daytime strain that produces plants with a moderate yet effective THC content of 14%. This cerebrally uplifting hybrid both thoroughly relaxes and stimulates the mind at the same time while ridding the brain of anxious and chaotic thoughts and feelings so that positivity and clear-headed thinking can take the lead. Its energetic boost is both refreshing and joy-inducing, leaving you ready to jump into your day feeling upbeat and ready to go. All of Killer Queen’s good vibes that induce chattiness and cheer also make it a fabulous option when going out or hanging out at home with friends or for most any kind of social gathering. While some heavy physical relaxation is likely to set in more and more as its high wanes, it’s unlikely to leave you completely sedated or couch locked, provided you use Killer Queen in moderation.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Killer Queen cannabis? As a balanced hybrid touted as an excellent wake-and-bake strain for recreational users known to awaken both mind and body, that means Killer Queen also has a strong reputation among medical users for being one of the best strains for overcoming fatigue. Killer Queen also has the potential to provide relief to those struggling with chronic and extreme forms of stress, depression, and PTSD-related symptoms. When it comes to other therapeutic benefits, Killer Queen is commonly used by patients to treat chronic and injury-related muscle and joint aches and pains, cramps—both pre-menstrual and otherwise—arthritis, other forms of inflammation, migraines, nausea, and loss of appetite. What does Killer Queen taste like? While taste is subjective, it’s a rare occasion if and when a user reports that they found Killer Queen’s flavor to be unpleasant or overpowering despite having a rather strong chemical taste that accompanies all of its other fabulous flavors. Unlike with food, when a cannabis strain is said to have a chemical or diesel taste to it, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s too harsh or unpleasant. In fact, having a diesel or chemical component often enhances and blends nicely with the rest of a strain’s flavor profile, and this is definitely the case with Killer Queen. Killer Queen tastes of sweet, fresh lemon and diesel with some strong zesty orange notes and herbal undertones.    How do I grow Killer Queen cannabis seeds? Easy-to-grow Killer Queen will do well both inside and out, and is resistant to common molds and mildews. In addition, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which makes things even that much more straightforward for cultivators. If you’re going to grow Killer Queen outside, it will require a semi-humid setting where daytime temperatures stay between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless of where you grow it, it’s recommended that you top Killer Queen on a regular basis so that light and air can get to its lower-growing branches. One other thing to note is that Killer Queen will need a good helping of nutrients in order to thrive.   What do Killer Queen cannabis plants look like? Like the song about the teapot, Killer Queen is short and stout, which are very indica-like traits. Structurally, Killer Queen’s tapered buds also reflect their indica genetics as they are quite dense in structure. Its mossy green nuggets are interwoven with wavy orange and brown pistils and are all frosted over in a shimmering silvery array of crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your Killer Queen cannabis plant Don’t let Killer Queen’s relatively small harvests detract you from cultivating it, as its quality and recreational and medical effects more than make up for smaller yields. Cultivated indoors, this amazing hybrid should begin to flower in 8-9 weeks and provide a harvest of 200 grams per square meter.  If you decide to grow Killer Queen outside, you can anticipate a yield of 300 grams per plant sometime around mid- to late-October.   Cannabis strains similar to Killer Queen G13 this mysterious and legendary indica-dominant super-hybrid is one of Killer Queen’s parent strains Cinderella 99 this potent and popular sativa-dominant strain is Killer Queen’s other parent Jack Herer this OG of a nearly-balanced hybrid that’s parent to many an impressive strain like Cinderella 99 is also a grandparent to Killer Queen Glass Slipper this energy- and morale-boosting, sativa-heavy strain also has Cinderella 99 as a parent strain Tangerine Dream this tangy, fruity, sativa-leaning hybrid is a relative of Killer Queen’s too on the G13 parent strain side


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