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This “elephant stomper” is a massive energetic caffeine boost to the start of your day, without the caffeine! Kilimanjaro cannabis is regarded by many as one of the best wake-and-bake strains.

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Wholesale Kilimanjaro Feminized Seeds Viewed 305 times today. Purchased 84 times today. Purchased 340 times this week. By getting a hold of Kilimanjaro cannabis seeds, you’ll be getting a hold of the potential to cultivate a plant known as an “elephant stomper.” Dubbed as such for its energetic effects that will have you wanting to happily stomp about, this pure African landrace strain that’s sativa dominant hails from the mountainsides of Tanzania, where it was traditionally used by locals for religious ceremonies. Kilimanjaro is well-suited for users who are seeking an incomparable cerebral high, or who are seeking an effective medical alternative for mental health issues.    What are the effects of Kilimanjaro cannabis? Energetic Happy Uplifted Creative Focus Kilimanjaro cannabis seeds mature into energy-providing plants that are more potent than their 18% THC content may lead you to believe. This “elephant stomper” is a massive energetic caffeine boost to the start of your day, without the caffeine! Kilimanjaro cannabis is regarded by many as one of the best wake-and-bake strains as it doesn’t just fill you with the fuel to start your morning off with vim and vigor, but it provides concentrated focus and a mood boost that even if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed can give you a seeming automatic reset! Its uplifting, mood-changing, euphoric effect helps open things up so that you’re able to think more creatively. All of these aspects coupled with the overall lively buzz Kilimanjaro softly and steadily showers you with leaves you feeling genuinely motivated and excited to go about your day.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Kilimanjaro cannabis? With a nickname like “elephant stomper,” is it really any surprise that mental health issues, such as mild to severe depression and stress are also temporarily stomped out by Kilimanjaro? As a huge mood lifter and energy provider, not only is Kilimanjaro regularly used to treat those who struggle with various chronic mental health issues, it is often recommended for those struggling with chronic fatigue and anxiety. Even if you don’t have chronic mood disorders, Kilimanjaro is often used by patients who are feeling stuck in a rut or down in their lives to help give them that extra boost of positivity and optimism that they’re feeling so in need of. On the physical side of things, Kilimanjaro has been known to help relieve headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, and inflammation.   What does Kilimanjaro taste like? Basically, there is nothing about Kilimanjaro that is not extremely positive, and this truth extends to its fragrance and flavor. Its smell and taste, which are similar to one another, are almost unparalleled with a tantalizing marriage of earth, wood, hints of lemon, and strong spice and herb accents. When smoking Kilimanjaro its aftertaste is that of sweet tea.   How do I grow Kilimanjaro cannabis seeds? First off, anytime you order from Growers Choice, you can order with confidence knowing that all of our cannabis seeds are feminized. This means that regardless of your cultivation experience, you won’t have to spend any time trying to figure out which ones are the male ones that need to be sorted out. Kilimanjaro, which grows into a tall plant that can be cultivated inside or outside, is rated an easy grow, in large part because it’s highly resistant to common molds and mildew, along with pests and diseases. All of which makes it an ideal choice for those who are new to the cannabis cultivation game.     What do Kilimanjaro cannabis plants look like? Not only does the Kilimanjaro cannabis plant grow to be quite tall, which makes it well-suited for growing outdoors or in a greenhouse, it is also a very thick plant. This sativa-dominant landrace strain has dense, green nuggets with thick curly amber pistils that protrude from between its tightly-packed, fragrant leaves.   When to harvest your Kilimanjaro cannabis plant Is there really anything more satisfying than growing a plant from seed, tending to and nurturing it, and then when the time is right, being able to harvest and reap the benefits of your hard work? If you choose to grow Kilimanjaro inside, it usually flowers in about 8 weeks providing a nice yield of 400 grams per square meter. If, on the other hand, you decide to cultivate this energetic strain outside, it can yield somewhere around 450 grams per plant come mid-October.    Similar cannabis strains to Kilimanjaro Raskal OG another anytime of the day strain to banish negative vibes and fuel a day of creative productivity Lodi Dodi also a potent wake-and-bake that will clear your mind with its energizing high Tangie a sativa-dominant hybrid that similarly gives that added, energetic bounce in your step Super Lemon Haze also boosts your mornings by turning your frown upside down so you can start the day off right Kali Mist an energetic and happy sativa-dominant hybrid that also induces creativity  


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