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Jager is, like its boozy namesake, quite the potent indica-heavy hybrid that’s more relaxing as opposed to couch-locking in its effects.

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Wholesale Jager Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 378 times today. Purchased 94 times today. Purchased 301 times this week.   Jager cannabis seeds, which have often been difficult to come by, with many having to grow from clippings, are now super easy to obtain thanks to Growers Choice. Jager, which also commonly goes by “JR” or “Jgr,” is an indica-heavy strain that’s thought to be the offspring of Blue Dream and L.A. Confidential, though others say it comes from a Hindu Kush. Regardless of its parentage, Jager is, like its boozy namesake, quite the potent hybrid. What are the effects of Jager cannabis? Relaxed Happy Euphoric With Jager cannabis seeds you’ll be able to grow plants with a THC content of 20% and indica/sativa ratio of 80:20. Before Jager cannabis brings on the relaxation, it starts off with blissful cerebral effects that are bound to leave you feeling happy and upbeat. It also tends to leave one feeling more introspective or a bit out of it but in a very positive way. That said, those who are new to cannabis sometimes find that Jager can leave them feeling like reality is a little too distorted. As such, newbies should start off conservatively. While Jager has a high indica content, its physically soothing impact, which takes some time to hit, isn’t so much sedating as it is relaxing and mellowing. This is due in part to the fact that its sativa side is strong enough to keep you ending up couch-locked, provided you’re using it in moderation. As such, Jager can actually be a good afternoon option as opposed to relegated to an evening-only affair in that it will make you feel euphorically spaced out without being rendered incapable of moving about.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Jager cannabis? Jager has many purported mental and physical health benefits that medical users can take advantage of. This indica-heavy hybrid with its bliss-inducing, upbeat sativa traits may be of great use to patients needing some temporary relief from stress, depression, or PTSD-related symptoms.  Jager is also known to help medical users suffering from physical issues such as chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, muscle spasms, tremors, loss of appetite, and PMS. In addition, as is the case with most indicas, Jager is said to be quite effective in combating insomnia.   What does Jager taste like? Jager tastes quite similar to its earthy and woody smell of black licorice, lemon, and pine, with many saying its licorice component is more prominent in its flavor.  When combusted, Jager’s smoke is pleasantly smooth and offers additional herb and tobacco notes on the exhale. Its sweet black licorice aftertaste stays with you for a while, making this a most-agreeable strain to partake in.   How do I grow Jager cannabis seeds? Jager’s an easy strain to grow that even first-timers can successfully cultivate. This is due in part to the fact that it’s highly resistant to mold and can be grown indoors and out. Since all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, the chances of ending up with male plants, while not impossible, are very low…somewhere around 10%. If you grow Jager outside, it requires a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate in order to thrive. Regardless of where you cultivate it, you’ll want to regularly top it by trimming any broad-fan leaves so that air and light can reach the lower-growing nodes of the plant. To bring out Jager’s dark purples, you’ll need to shock your plants by exposing them to nighttime temperatures that are 10-15 degrees colder than usual, but never freezing, near the end of its vegetative growth stage.   What do Jager cannabis plants look like? Jager is typical of an indica in shape, size, and bud structure, as it’s a short-growing bushy plant with tightly-packed nuggets. It also shows its sativa genetics in that its conical buds are large and chunky.  Jager’s nuggets, which are dusted in a fine coating of translucent trichomes, are dark green with rich, dark purple undertones that come out when properly shocked, all beautifully contrasted with fiery orange pistils.   When to harvest your Jager cannabis plant Jager produces solid, average-sized yields that aren’t difficult to come by due to being such an easy strain to grow. Grown inside, this hybrid takes about 8 weeks to produce a harvest of approximately 350 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, Jager should provide an approximate 400 grams per plant in the autumn.   Cannabis strains similar to Jager Blue Dream this dreamy sativa hybrid is thought to be one of Jager’s parent strains LA Confidential this smooth and silky 50/50 hybrid may be Jager’s other parent strain Hindu Kush a long-beloved, pure indica that others say Jager comes from Platinum Kush a wonderful hybrid that also has an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio Schrom on the opposite end of the spectrum, this enjoyable hybrid has an 80:20 sativa/indica ratio 


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