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Unlike its name implies, Jack the Ripper’s an incredibly upbeat strain that makes for a highly enjoyable start to your day.

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Wholesale Jack The Ripper Feminized Seeds Viewed 379 times today. Purchased 69 times today. Purchased 658 times this week.   Fear not…Jack the Ripper cannabis seeds will not be attracting evil and nefarious types into the safety of your home.  This sativa-dominant hybrid is actually an incredibly upbeat and reinvigorating strain that makes for a highly enjoyable wake-and-bake start to your day. Jack the Ripper is the resultant cross of Jack’s Cleaner and Space Dude, a phenotype of the legendary Space Queen.   What are the effects of Jack the Ripper cannabis? Happy Energetic Creative Uplifting Euphoric Jack the Ripper cannabis seeds blossom into glorious plants with a manageable yet potent THC content of 18%.  Unlike its name implies, Jack the Ripper cannabis is far from being a body-wrecking, havoc-wreaking strain. In fact, this 75% sativa hybrid is infamous for its long-lasting uplifting and energizing effects that imbue users with happiness and mood-rousing euphoria. Where its namesake invoked horror, as a cannabis strain, Jack the Ripper invokes joy and a case of the giggles. Jack the Ripper is all about spreading the love with its good cheery vibes. It’s also known for inspiring free-flowing creativity and mental stimulation that leaves users motivated to put their outside-the-box ideas into practice. This immensely enjoyable strain really can make for the ideal way to start your day on the right foot and in the right mindset and mood.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Jack the Ripper cannabis? You’d think with a name like Jack the Ripper, it would be an anxiety- and headache-inducing strain. In reality, it’s quite the opposite and has a solid reputation among medical users for relieving both stress and headaches. Other mental health-related issues that Jack the Ripper has the potential to ease and even eradicate for the time being are anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It can also be used to address physical health issues like chronic aches and pains, migraines, cramps, muscle spasms, joint aches, and other inflammation-related issues. Jack the Ripper’s anecdotal ability to restore one’s appetite is something that can be of great benefit to those struggling with eating disorders.    What does Jack the Ripper taste like? Jack the Ripper has a very distinguishable taste that’s both delightful and unmistakable.  When combusted, you’re likely to notice its tart and creamy flavors upon inhaling, and its sweet lemon, fresh pine, and earthy side upon exhaling. Jack the Ripper also has invigorating sour notes that go well with its sweet citrus and pine overtones. How do I grow Jack the Ripper cannabis seeds? While Jack the Ripper will require consistent trimming and climate control, it’s still a very good choice for novice to expert growers. Plus, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which means the chances of ending up with non-flowering male plants falls under the category of “minimal.” Jack the Ripper, which can be grown in or outside, isn’t the kind of strain that will respond well to the Sea of Green method when cultivated inside. Outdoors, which is a somewhat more ideal setting for Jack the Ripper, it will need plenty of sunshine, but also shelter. And though it should be fine in cooler temperatures, it will not withstand exposure to frost. It’s recommended that you top Jack the Ripper early on, and prune it regularly as needed.   What do Jack the Ripper cannabis plants look like? Checking in at right around 6 feet when fully grown, Jack the Ripper is something of a nondescript-looking plant except for its distinctly-shaped triangular buds. Jack the Ripper’s forest green nuggets are notorious for being highly resinous on account of producing an abundant quantity of trichomes that heavily coat its leaves. This is also why it’s highly recommended that you invest in a quality grinder if you don’t have one already, as this sticky strain is close to impossible to break apart by hand. When to harvest your Jack the Ripper cannabis plant While Jack the Ripper doesn’t produce the largest indoor yields, its outdoor harvests are just above-average in size, which is one more reason to seriously consider cultivating it outside. When grown indoors, it should be harvest-ready in about 8-9 weeks with a yield of around 250 grams per square meter. However, when cultivated outdoors, you can look for Jack the Ripper to produce about 400 grams per plant near late September to early October.   Cannabis strains similar to Jack the Ripper Space Queen this hybrid beauty’s phenotype, Space Dude, is one of Jack the Ripper’s parent strains Jack Skellington this thought-decluttering and mind and body re-energizing hybrid is one of Jack the Ripper’s wake-and-bake offspring Quantum Kush one of the preeminent sativas around, with the same 75:25 sativa/indica ratio as Jack the Ripper Jack Herer parent to many a fabulous strain, this renowned OG of a sativa-leaning hybrid also contains 18% THC Flo another wake-and-bake hybrid with a gentle yet energetically rousing boost  


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