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Thanks to its elated, giggle-inducing effects, perfectly-balanced hybrid Jack Frost makes for a great social strain both day and night.

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Wholesale Jack Frost Feminized Seeds Viewed 327 times today. Purchased 64 times today. Purchased 429 times this week.   For a fabulous and perfectly-balanced hybrid, get your hands on Jack Frost cannabis seeds. With its distinct citrus and earthy fragrance and huge fan following, Jack Frost is the offspring of impressive lineage as it can claim Jack Herer, White Widow, and Northern Lights #5 as its parent strains. Thanks to its elated, giggle-inducing effects, Jack Frost makes for a great social strain both day and night.   What are the effects of Jack Frost cannabis? Relaxed Happy Uplifted Social Jack Frost cannabis seeds blossom into fragrant and delicious-tasting plants with a THC content of 22%. Known for being a “happy smoke,” this 50/50 hybrid will not only lift your spirits but your mouth into one big, happy smile. Thanks to how it brings out the chatterbox in even the quietest of souls, Jack Frost cannabis is an excellent choice for socializing and just having a good time filled with conversation and laughter. This stimulating and invigorating strain calls upon its Northern Lights #5 heritage for providing you with just the right amount of calm so that even if you were experiencing some social anxiety before heading to your friend’s party, you’ll end up feeling cool as a cucumber. Jack Frost is a must for getting that extra dose of euphoric glee and motivation to be productive, all while feeling completely chill and at ease.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Jack Frost cannabis? Probably not too surprisingly to medical users, upbeat Jack Frost has been known to be quite effective in addressing stress, anxiety, and depression, allowing patients to perhaps not have to rely as heavily on non-herbal medications to find relief and levity. As an energizing hybrid, Jack Frost may help to combat chronic fatigue. Furthermore, Jack Frost has a reputation for aiding those who are suffering from a loss of appetite due to an eating disorder or other treatments. It’s also been known to help with chronic aches and pains, and its relaxing indica side may help those who struggle with insomnia.   What does Jack Frost taste like? While its pungent skunky and citrusy smell can overpower any room, Jack Frost’s flavor is known for being smoother. In general, Jack Frost is sweet and earthy with a lemon-like aftertaste to it. When combusted, this strain produces a nice smooth smoke that won’t have you hacking your lungs out upon the inhale.   How do I grow Jack Frost cannabis seeds? The fact that all cannabis seeds from Growers Choice are feminized is good news for cultivators of all skill levels, as this means you don’t have to spend time sorting out the males. Jack Frost is easy to grow, which means even first-time and novice growers should be able to successfully cultivate it. This is due in large part to the fact that it’s highly resistant to most common molds and diseases. If you decide to grow it outdoors instead of inside, Jack Frost will, ironically, thrive in a warm and temperate environment.   What do Jack Frost cannabis plants look like? Once you see Jack Frost’s nuggets, you’ll understand how and why this medium-height plant got its name. Its buds look like Christmas trees whose branches are covered in a fresh dusting of soft snow. This is because its fluffy pale-green buds, which are accentuated by brilliant orange pistils, are heavily coated in frosty white trichomes.   When to harvest your Jack Frost cannabis plant Jack Frost is a high-yielding hybrid that can be successfully grown in and outside.  If you decide to cultivate it indoors, you can anticipate an approximate yield of 450 grams per square meter. In regards to growing Jack Frost outdoors, it should produce even bigger yields of 600 grams per plant sometime around late September into early October.   Cannabis strains similar to Jack Frost Jack Herer a nearly-balanced, legendary hybrid that claims Jack Frost as one of its incredible descendants White Widow this famous sativa-dominant strain is also one of Jack Frost’s three parent strains Northern Lights while not exactly the same as Jack Frost’s parent strain Northern Lights #5, this indica-dominant hybrid is a key member of the entire Northern Lights family Cherry Diesel another 50/50 hybrid that packs a rapidly powerful cerebral charge and thorough relaxation  Suzy Q one more amazing 50/50 hybrid with a 15:1 CBD:THC ratio that up until recently has been incredibly difficult to obtain in seed form


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