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Once you experience how quickly Jack Flash’s uplifting and relaxing effects hit, you’ll understand why it was named as such.

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Wholesale Jack Flash Feminized Seeds Viewed 417 times today. Purchased 90 times today. Purchased 495 times this week. While Jack Flash cannabis seeds won’t grow in a flash, once you experience how quickly this strain’s effects hit, you’ll understand why it was named as such. Jack Flash, which is an indica-leaning hybrid, comes from an impressive pedigree claiming the iconic Jack Herer, and impressive in their own rights Haze and Super Skunk, as its parent strains. Such lineage probably explains part of why Jack Flash so handily won the 1998 Dutch High Life Cup.   What are the effects of Jack Flash cannabis? Creative Focused Energetic Uplifted Jack Flash cannabis seeds grow into sizable plants with a solid THC level of 19%. Despite its THC content not being in the “sky high” range, the fact that its psychedelic effects hit so quickly means it probably isn’t the best option for someone who’s a newbie to the cannabis usage scene. If you’ve been in the doldrums, feeling creatively stymied, or find yourself deeply fatigued, Jack Flash should be able to zoom you right out of those spaces in no time at all to the uplifting heights of happiness, creativity, and energy.  Many users report its initial rush to be pretty mind-bending on the cerebral end of things, where being in anything but a really good mood is impossible. While it does fuel you with a jolt of energy, this invigoration may end up eventually being replaced in a few hours with a more lazy and lethargic feeling. That said, it’s also possible that the total opposite could happen, where your libido is stimulated and your overall sense of vitality continues to rise. As such, you might want to try this for the first time somewhere in the middle of the day where either of these scenarios will work for you. One last thing to mention about Jack Flash cannabis is that it has the tendency to increase one’s appetite, so having snacks around is a good idea.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Jack Flash cannabis? If getting a reprieve from stress and depression as quickly as possible is important to you as a medical user, then Jack Flash should do just that in the seeming blink of an eye. Other mental health issues that Jack Flash has been known to address include anxiety, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. However, remember that this is a very potent and fast-acting strain, so you will probably want to start off using it in conservative moderation. Jack Flash is also used by patients who are in need of rapid relief from mild chronic aches and pains and migraines. Its appetite-inducing properties may be especially useful for those struggling with eating disorders.   What does Jack Flash taste like? Sometimes the aroma of a strain gives you an accurate picture of what to expect from its flavor, other times it is completely misleading, and still other times an overpowering fragrance provides a hint of what its more subtle taste is like. In the case of Jack Flash, the latter is the case, where its flavor is much less intense and a lot more enjoyable than its smell, which can be incredibly pungent and somewhat unpleasant. With flavors of sweet citrus and nice subtle undertones of wood, Jack Flash is quite an enjoyable strain to taste.   How do I grow Jack Flash cannabis seeds? Jack Flash is one of those strains where, despite the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, it is best left to master and expert growers to cultivate.  It will definitely require trimming, and if grown indoors it will thrive in either soil or hydroponics. If you opt to use hydroponics, as long as you have the correct set-up like an indoor grow tent and the right kind of grow lights, you should find success. It also responds well to the Screen of Green method. Grown outside, Jack Flash needs a sunny Mediterranean-like climate in which to fully thrive. What do Jack Flash cannabis plants look like? Truth be told, Jack Flash plants, with their rather generic appearance, don’t exactly look like the most impressive strain around. In fact, you could easily mistake them for being rather bland in their effects due to how modest they look, with their round light green buds and everyday-orange pistils. Likewise, its buds that are lightly-dusted in trichomes also would imply that its THC content level is much lower than it actually is. All of which is to say, you can’t judge a book by its cover, because, in reality, Jack Flash is a fast-acting and potent strain that’s far more remarkable in its effects than its physical appearance may imply. When to harvest your Jack Flash cannabis plant All of the skill and hard work required to successfully grow Jack Flash is rewarded come harvest time with its very generous yields. Cultivated indoors, the adage “good things come to those who wait” definitely applies to Jack Flash, as it can take 9-11 weeks before you are able to reap its healthy yield of 450 grams per square meter. Grown outdoors in the right climate, Jack Flash should provide a yield of about 600 grams per plant starting sometime in late October to the early half of November.   Cannabis strains similar to Jack Flash Jack Herer this legendary, nearly-balanced hybrid is one of Jack Flash’s impressive parent strains Haze this vintage Santa Cruz, sativa-dominant strain is also one of Jack Flash’s mighty parents Super Skunk this internationally known and adored strain that’s renowned and beloved for being a “perfect high” completes Jack Flash’s parental trinity Super Silver a relative of Jack Flash’s that also claims Haze as a parent strain Cinderella 99 this popular sativa-dominant strain is another relative of Jack Flash’s that can also claim Jack Herer as a parent


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