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J1’s a lucid and potent wake-and-bake hybrid in the luxury category of cannabis strains thanks in part to its impressive parentage.

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Wholesale J1 Feminized Seeds Viewed 347 times today. Purchased 57 times today. Purchased 329 times this week. J1 cannabis seeds are definitely in the high-end, luxury category for cannabis hybrid strains, which is to say, you definitely get what you’re paying for when purchasing these seeds. This sativa-leaning hybrid is the offspring of legendary Jack Herer and Skunk #1. If you’re a fan of either of these strains, you’re in for a treat with this lucid and potent wake-and-bake hybrid.   What are the effects of J1 cannabis? Uplifted Creative Happy Energetic J1 cannabis seeds grow into plants with a powerful 23% THC level that’s like a concentrated shot of caffeine to get you going in the morning. J1 cannabis is all about providing users with cerebral clarity and a massive boost of energy that not only wakes the mind but also one’s sense of happiness and well-being. It’s also renowned for increasing creativity, making it a great option for artists and creatives.  J1 will have you ready to take on the day with all its challenges and tasks, instilling you with invigoration and clear-headed focus and drive. The only things that J1 aren’t good for are getting that nice lazy high and falling asleep, as this one is about providing you with the gusto to go about your day with vim and vigor and a sense of elated euphoria.   What are the therapeutic benefits of J1 cannabis? This energy-driven strain is definitely not going to help insomniacs get shut-eye, but it does have the potential to help those struggling with lethargy and fatigue feel energized to get things done. J1’s other medical uses include temporarily alleviating stress and anxiety, thanks to its upbeat effects. Furthermore, it has been known to be effective in combating symptoms related to PTSD, bipolar disorder, and ADHD.   What does J1 taste like? If discretion is important, then it’s definitely wisest to smoke J1 either outdoors, or in a very well-ventilated and secluded space, as its pungent aroma will definitely alert others to its presence. Its fragrant aroma of citrus is also shared in its flavor, as it tastes strongly of sweet citrus with spicy, peppery notes. When combusted, its inhale is sharp in that crisp clean way and its exhale is quite sugary in its taste.   How do I grow J1 cannabis seeds? Although all Growers Choice seeds are feminized, making things that much easier for growers, J1 is still rated as a pretty difficult plant to grow, so this is definitely not one for new or inexperienced growers. J1 can be successfully cultivated both indoors and out, provided it’s grown in nutrient-rich soil. Grown outside, this strain requires a dry and warm climate in order to thrive. Grown inside, J1 does best in temperatures that range from 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit where the an indoor ventilation system is used and humidity is closely monitored so as to decrease the chances of mold and mildew from growing on the plants. However, it is worth noting that when J1 reaches its flowering stage, humidity levels should be increased and kept at 40%.   What do J1 cannabis plants look like? J1 is a medium to tall growing plant that produces large and tightly-packed buds. Its nuggets are emerald green in color with vibrant orange pistils shooting out from between its dense leaves. Adding to J1’s allure are buds heavily coated in a frosting of shimmering crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your J1 cannabis plant While J1 isn’t the easiest strain to grow, it definitely rewards cultivators for all their hard work by providing solid yields, with significantly larger outdoor harvests and relatively short grow times both in and outdoors. Cultivated inside, J1 can flower anywhere from 7-9 weeks with a yield of 450 grams per square meter. When grown outdoors, J1 should provide a harvest of about 600 grams per plant come September if you live in a northern climate.   Cannabis strains similar to J1 Jack Herer this iconic, near-balanced, popular recreational and medical hybrid is one of J1’s parent strains Skunk No. 1 this prized 50/50 hybrid is J1’s other parent strain Pineapple a relative of J1’s that also claims Skunk #1 as a parent strain is quite the tasty, stress-relieving hybrid Haze XL another relative of J1’s on the Jack Herer side that is a hybrid strain known for boosting energy and creativity Platinum GSC this hybrid also has a THC content of 23%  


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