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Ingrid marijuana comes dressed to impress – a bushy indica dominant strain with a high THC content, her nimble and gentle effects will help take the edge off even the most stressful of days.

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Wholesale Ingrid Feminized Seeds Viewed 370 times today. Purchased 81 times today. Purchased 678 times this week. Famous Ingrid’s of history have nothing on Ingrid marijuana, a strikingly beautiful and marvellously potent strain that trips into the heights of unbelievable with a THC content that has topped out at 31% in some tests.  Indica-dominant Ingrid marijuana will encourage you to put your feet up and relax – she’s the kind of strain who helps take the edge off a stressful day. Quick on the draw, you will feel a change in your mood almost immediately. Happiness and euphoria intensify as her indica genetics settle in with a powerful sedation that lets you down easy. In small doses, Ingrid is a remarkable addition to any therapeutic regime, providing potent and fast-acting relief from stress, pain, depression, and more.  Overwhelmingly skunky with hints of cheese, Ingrid marijuana has a fragrance that may only appeal to a few. If you’re willing to look pat her pungency to the girl underneath, gardeners of every experience level will appreciate her stability in the garden, particularly when planted indoors where her bushy growth will provide a much higher yield. Ready for harvest after just five weeks of flowering sometimes, Ingrid marijuana comes dressed to impress with around 12 to 16 ounces of strong, sticky bud for your pleasure. 


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