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Evenly-balanced Hippie Crippler has some far out psychedelic effects that could knock the daisy chains off even an old school hippie.

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Wholesale Hippie Crippler Feminized Seeds Viewed 319 times today. Purchased 86 times today. Purchased 679 times this week.   Rejoice! Hippie Crippler cannabis seeds are finally commercially available thanks to Growers Choice Seeds! As such, you’ll no longer have to try and track down clippings to grow it as a clone. Hippie Crippler, which is an evenly-balanced hybrid with some far out psychedelic effects, is the offspring of Blue Satellite and AK-47.   What are the effects of Hippie Crippler cannabis? Happy Euphoric Creative With Hippie Crippler cannabis seeds, you’ll be able to grow plants that contain an indica to sativa ratio of 50:50 and a trippy THC content of 25% that could knock the daisy chains off even the most old school hippie. When used in moderation, Hippie Crippler cannabis starts its long-lasting, mind-bending high with a rousing dose of euphoric energy and creative focus, making it possible to help you get things done in new and inspired ways. However, should you choose to not be conservative or moderate in your dosage, then you’re likely to feel the complete opposite of focused and somewhere in the woozy, spaced-out, and flighty realms.  Users report that its effects hit within minutes, where they often say that sights and sounds take on new depths and shapes, making visually-pleasing films or shows or ambient music that much more intense and enrapturing. Depending on your individual genetics, Hippie Crippler could either motivate you to organize your closet, finish up that work project you’ve been putting off, hang out with friends or the total opposite and have you sedated and near knocked out. Regardless of how Hippie Crippler initially affects you, by the end it’s an equalizer as couch lock and sleep are likely to happen no matter your genetics. While this Hippie Crippler can be used most any time, most seem to prefer to use it as a way to unwind at the end of the day or on the weekend due to its spacey and sleep-inducing effects.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Hippie Crippler cannabis? Hippie Crippler contains numerous therapeutic benefits that may help to ease or relieve various mental and physical health issues in a chemical-free way for medical cannabis users. Hippie Crippler’s chill vibe means it also has the potential to help to temporarily alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. Hippie Crippler’s also known to provide pain relief to those suffering from chronic or temporary aches and pains, inflammation, gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia, loss of appetite,  and migraines.   What does Hippie Crippler taste like? If you think about your stereotype of what an old school hippie smells like, you just might have a sense of what Hippie Crippler’s aroma is akin to. While its dank and funky smell may take a little getting used to for some, its taste is quite pleasing to the tastebuds. Hippie Crippler’s overall taste is a lovely mixture of hash, sweet pine, and a variety of other earthy flavors, with some saying that when combusted, its aftertaste veers to the more fruity side.   How do I grow Hippie Crippler cannabis seeds? Since Hippie Crippler seeds have only recently become commercially available, there’s rather limited information easily available on how to best grow it. However, what we can share with you is that this 50/50 hybrid does require at least a medium amount of cultivation experience in order to successfully grow it. In addition, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means that the chances of ending up with male plants, while not impossible, are incredibly low. Whether you’re growing Hippie Crippler inside or outside, it does best in a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like setting, and because its plants are short, it should be quite easy to nurture in an indoor environment.   What do Hippie Crippler cannabis plants look like? Hippie Crippler’s dense small to medium-sized buds won’t exactly blow your mind in terms of their looks, with some comparing their appearances to that of dull, deep green feathery moss. This 50/50 hybrid’s nuggets are usually various shades of green and are interspersed with furry brown pistils and covered from the inside out with amber trichomes that give Hippie Crippler’s buds a yellowish glow.   When to harvest your Hippie Crippler cannabis plant When grown indoors, Hippie Crippler should be ready to harvest in a relatively short amount of time of just 8 to 9 weeks, and should provide a yield of about 400 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, this perfectly-balanced hybrid tends to produce an approximate harvest of 400 grams per plant in the autumn.   Similar cannabis strains to Hippie Crippler  AK-47 this ward-winning sativa-dominant hybrid is one of Hippie Crippler’s parent strains Golden Ticket another 50/50 delicacy that until recently was not easily available in seed form Skywalker OG a 50/50 hybrid that slices through stress and pain with total ease. Larry OG this 50/50 strain is even stronger with a 26% THC content Plushberry an evenly-balanced hybrid that’s a cinch to grow  


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