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Once impossible to find in seed form, Hell’s OG is a rare Indica-heavy hybrid that’ll have you feeling cheerful, relaxed, and sleepy.

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Wholesale Hell’s OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 307 times today. Purchased 100 times today. Purchased 676 times this week.     Hallelujah! It looks like hell has officially frozen over, as it’s now possible to order the once-impossible-to-find, let alone obtain, Hell’s OG cannabis seeds from Growers Choice. Formerly known as Hell’s Angel OG, Hell’s OG, which is a rare indica-heavy hybrid, is the resultant cross of parent strains Blackberry and OG Kush.   What are the effects of Hell’s OG cannabis? Relaxed Sleepy Euphoric Uplifted Now that you can easily procure Hell’s OG cannabis seeds from GCS, you will be able to grow plants with an 80:20 indica to sativa ratio and 20% THC content. Using Hell’s OG cannabis is not going to transform you into a member of a tough biker gang, nor will it grant you the ability to ride a Harley. In fact, it’s likely to do the opposite by turning you into a very cheerful, relaxed, and sleepy person who should avoid operating heavy machinery, like a motorcycle, due to just how tired this indica-heavy hybrid will leave you feeling. While this indica is likely to result in your sawing logs by the end of things, it quickly starts with an elated and euphoric cerebral high that’s extremely uplifting as it rids the mind of negative thinking. Shared with friends, it’s likely to first have everyone feeling much more talkative, but as its effects build the merriment tapers down as everyone becomes blissfully lost in introspection. As this powerful evening strain intensifies in its effects, things shift from the cerebral to the physical in which users can settle into some deep, full-bodied relaxation that’s so effective that you’re likely to find moving from your couch both near-impossible and futile. As such, you’ll want to have snacks close at hand, because Hell’s OG is also known for inducing some serious munchies to go along with the couchlock.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Hell’s OG cannabis? Not only is Hell’s OG in high-demand amongst insomniacs, it’s highly-sought after for its other mental and physical health benefits. Hell’s OG deeply calming and soothing properties mean that this strain has the potential to ease both stress, depression, and PTSD-related symptoms. This indica-heavy hybrid is also known for its effective analgesic properties, and many medical users say that Hell’s OG works to temporarily alleviate issues such as chronic pain, inflammation, and arthritis. It’s also known to stimulate the appetite thanks to its recreational reputation for bringing on the munchies.   What does Hell’s OG  taste like? If you’ve never tried Hell’s OG before and your first encounter with it is its aroma, it would be understandable why you might hesitate to try this rare indica. However, you’d be missing out, as it actually has a very delightful and enjoyable taste. Hell’s OG’s flavor profile is a blend of wood, citrus, sweet berries, and tart citrus with some earthy notes. When combusted, do note that its smoke is a bit harsh on the lungs and might result in a bit of a coughing episode.   How do I grow Hell’s OG cannabis seeds? When it comes to Hell’s OG, you will need to have at least a medium amount of cultivation experience in order to successfully grow this highly-desired strain. In addition, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means that the likelihood of ending up with male plants is only around 10% or so. Grown outside, Hell’s OG will require a humid and Mediterranean-like setting in order to thrive. Furthermore, as a bushy grower, you’ll want to trim it regularly, and using the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method is recommended if you’re growing Hell’s OG inside.   What do Hell’s OG cannabis plants look like? Hell’s OG matures into medium-sized, bushy plants with longer lateral branches. Its buds, which also display their indica genetics by being small in size and dense in structure, are a combination of bright neon green and dark forest green leaves that are wonderfully contrasted with vibrant orange pistils and sticky, resinous trichomes.    When to harvest your Hell’s OG cannabis plant When grown inside, this indica-heavy hybrid should be ready to harvest in just 7-8 weeks with a yield of 350 grams per square meter. However, using ScrOG may help to increase its indoor yield sizes. Cultivated outside, Hell’s OG should yield a nice bounty of 500 grams per plant sometime near the end of September.   Cannabis strains similar to Hell’s OG  Blackberry this luscious, evenly-balanced hybrid is one of Hell’s OG’s parent strains OG Kush this extremely popular, near-evenly-balanced hybrid also claims Hell’s OG as one of its numerous offspring Herijuana this soothing strain also has an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio Ingrid this strikingly beautiful and potent strain with a 31% THC content also has an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio Stephen Hawking Kush another with an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio that’ll unlock the worlds of pain relief and chilling out 


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