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Vintage Santa Cruz, sativa-dominant strain, Haze, is unmatched in its sativa-induced creative, energy-inducing, chatty high and indica-balanced body-tingling buzz.

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Wholesale Haze Feminized Seeds Viewed 446 times today. Purchased 66 times today. Purchased 598 times this week. This vintage Santa Cruz, sativa-dominant strain is parent to numerous well-known strains around the world, and for good reason! The reason Haze has been around for over 6 decades is its unique cerebral high that all the other strains want a piece of.   Sativa-dominant Haze cannabis has high THC While its THC level testing at an average of 23%, Haze is unmatched in its sativa-induced creative, energy-inducing, chatty high and indica-balanced body-tingling buzz. Be forewarned though, as the majority of users say this is a one (or two) and done kind of smoke that skips the whole slow, gentle increase step and takes you straight to the top and otherwise you may experience paranoia, cottonmouth, and dry eyes.    Use Haze cannabis to help with stress Haze offers a lot to medical users. Due to its mood-enhancing lift, it may help with depression and stress; plus many medical users like it for combating insomnia and fatigue, and for its hunger-inducing properties that can potentially help those suffering from a lack of appetite and other digestive issues.    What does Haze cannabis taste like? General consensus is that Haze has a scent and flavor that are unforgettable and uniquely spicy, earthy, and sweet. While Haze is quite classically typical in appearance with dark green, orange-haired buds, growing it is not your easy, typical feat.    It can be tricky to grow Haze cannabis seeds Cultivating is best recommended for those who are extremely patient, expert growers as it takes a very very very long time to grow and many describe it as “temperamental and difficult to cultivate.” That said, if you are an expert cultivator, Haze requires a warm, temperate Santa Cruz-like climate and the wait will be worth your effort and time invested.  Haze is just one of those strains that everyone loves for their own individual reasons, and each and every one of them are exactly why Haze is such a great go-to sativa-high.


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