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Harlequin cannabis seeds are best suited for users who do not wish to feel mentally altered in any way. This high-CBD, low-THC strain has countless medical benefits, from anxiety, pain, and nausea relief.

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Wholesale Harlequin CBD Medical Feminized Seeds Viewed 459 times today. Purchased 55 times today. Purchased 454 times this week. When you visit the Growers Choice homepage, you should see a link to our high-CBD cannabis seeds. We’ve placed this link front and center due to the extreme hype and praise for CBD these days. In recent years, we’ve seen a massive surge in CBD-products, as well as cannabis strains. Harlequin cannabis seeds belong to the high-CBD family. These strains are suitable for all times of day, and all occasions, whether you’re relaxing at home, working at your desk, or working out at the gym. A high-CBD strain such as Harlequin comes with countless medical benefits, which is why many doctors are quick to prescribe it to patients in need. Harlequin can help users combat pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and nausea. With its high CBD content also comes a low percentage of THC. This strain is best suitable for users who do not wish to feel high or mentally/physically altered. Harlequin cannabis seeds produce a happy, relaxing, and functional high that allows users to peacefully go about their day. These cannabis seeds take about 8-9 weeks to flower indoor. Eventually, these mature plants will produce an earthy aroma that’s woodsy, citrusy, and herbal. Some say the aroma alone feels grounding enough to keep them calm when under pressure or when anxiety begins.  


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