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If Willy Wonka had been a cannabis cultivator, chances are that upbeat, evenly-balanced Green Candy would’ve been growing in his factory.

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Wholesale Green Candy Feminized Seeds Viewed 445 times today. Purchased 55 times today. Purchased 507 times this week.     If Willy Wonka had been a cannabis cultivator instead of a candymaker, chances are he would have grown minty sweet Green Candy cannabis seeds growing in his factory. Evenly-balanced Green Candy, which is the offspring of Candy Kush and Green Crack, is a sugary, caffeinated-like way to start your day without the sugar crash nor the jitters of over-caffeinating in the morning.   What are the effects of Green Candy cannabis? Happy Energetic Uplifted With Green Candy cannabis seeds, growers of all skill levels should be able to easily grow this 50/50 hybrid that contains a THC level of 18%. If happiness could be grown from seed, Green Candy cannabis would be one of the crops to sprout. This uplifting evenly-balanced strain, which is sativa dominant in its effects, starts things off quickly with a rousing jolt of invigorating energy and a refreshing boost of motivation that will leave you feeling ready to tackle the demands of your day. Creative types love this hybrid thanks to how it activates the mind, allowing users to think outside the box and flow freely with inspired expression. Cerebrally-stimulating Green Candy’s indica side is just enough to leave your body feeling tension-free without resulting in sluggishness or lethargy, which is another reason so many users love this 50/50 as a wake-and-bake or midday pick-me-up. While Green Candy is generally not recommended for evening use as it’s likely to wake you up as opposed to sending you to sleep, it does make for a great nighttime option if you’re needing that extra bit of oomph before heading out to a party or a night out on the town.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Green Candy cannabis? Medical users who are suffering from chronic stress, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD-related symptoms are likely to love how upbeat Green Candy helps to alleviate and manage these mental health ailments and lift the heaviness that is often associated with a mood disorder. For those who are seeking chemical-free ways to address their physical health issues, such as chronic aches and pains, back aches, muscle spasms, migraines, and nausea, Green Candy may just be your golden ticket to experiencing a natural pain reliever. In addition, while this 50/50 hybrid isn’t likely to help insomniacs, it is reported to provide an uptick in energy to those experiencing fatigue.   What does Green Candy taste like? Green Candy’s earthy-sweet minty and fresh fruity fragrance is sure to pique your interest, and its delectable candy-like flavors are such to have you clamoring for more. Green Candy is said to taste wonderfully of citrus, pine, mint, earth, and sugary goodness. When combusted you’re likely to notice its buttery and earthy notes upon inhaling, and its tropical fruity notes upon exhaling that leave a delightful herbaceous aftertaste on your tongue.   How do I grow Green Candy cannabis seeds? Green Candy, which is resistant to common molds and diseases, is an easy strain to grow that even newbies and the inexperienced should find success with. In addition, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which means that the chances of ending up with male plants is only 10% or so. Green Candy, which can be grown both indoors and out, requires a nice and balmy, semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate if grown outside. Furthermore, because this evenly-balanced strain can grow to be quite tall, you’ll want to trim it early on in its vegetative growth stage if you have limited indoor growing space or are wanting to discreetly grow it outdoors.   What do Green Candy cannabis plants look like? Green Candy plants, which tend to be very tall when fully mature, produces immensely large buds that are shaped like miniature Christmas trees with a wide base and narrow pointed tip. Its nuggets, which embody their sativa side by being quite loose and fluffy in structure, are yellowish green all interwoven through with twisty twirly rust-colored pistils and generously coated in a shimmering golden glow of amber-colored trichomes.   When to harvest your Green Candy cannabis plant Cultivated indoors, Green Candy is usually ready to be harvested in around 8 to 9 weeks at which point it should render an above-average yield of somewhere around 450 grams per square meter. Grown outdoors in the right environment, this 50/50 hybrid should render a very pleasing average of 550 grams sometime around the middle part of October.   Similar cannabis strains to Green Candy Candy Kush this indica-dominant hybrid that offers bone-deep relaxation is one of Green Candy’s parent strains Green Crack this energetic and stress-relieving sativa-dominant hybrid is Green Candy’s other parent God’s Green Crack this indica-dominant hybrid, which is the holy trinity of energy, elevation, and relaxation, also has Green Crack as a parent  Flo an energetically rousing sativa-dominant hybrid that also makes for a great wake-and-bake option Cotton Candy Kush another 50/50 hybrid that’s all about providing a good time


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