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Try tasty Grapefruit Kush for yourself, and you’ll understand why it’s considered one of the most phenomenal strains around.

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Wholesale Grapefruit Kush Feminized Seeds Viewed 489 times today. Purchased 90 times today. Purchased 324 times this week. If you enjoy a fruity bud that’s happily relaxing, then you definitely need to get your hands on Grapefruit Kush cannabis seeds! Indica-dominant Grapefruit Kush is believed to be the offspring of Grapefruit and either BC Kush or Bubba OG. Once you try this tasty hybrid for yourself, you will understand why it’s considered one of the most phenomenal strains around.   What are the effects of Grapefruit Kush cannabis? Relaxed Happy Euphoric With Grapefruit Kush cannabis seeds you’ll be able to easily cultivate plants with an indica/sativa ratio of 70:30 and a pretty potent THC level of 21% that even some less-experienced users may find tolerable. Grapefruit Kush cannabis kicks up with a rousing burst of euphoric energy that may leave you feeling giggly and will almost certainly have you feeling in high spirits—pun intended—and in need of some snacks. As an indica-dominant hybrid, Grapefruit Kush is one that is definitely generous with its deep relaxation that thoroughly soothes the body. Its body-tingling effects make it especially popular among those seeking a strain to unwind with. In fact, its soothing effects are so effective that they also extend to the mind so that users find themselves both physically and cerebrally laid-back without feeling overwhelmingly sedated. As such, though many users tend to use Grapefruit Kush in the evening, others find it useful when they’re not needing to get a lot done, but aren’t necessarily looking to just conk right out. What are the therapeutic benefits of Grapefruit Kush cannabis? Medical users often find Grapefruit Kush’s high indica content that delivers a body-numbing buzz to be useful in providing pain relief for issues such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, arthritis and other forms of inflammation, migraines, and PMS-related symptoms. Its seeming ability to alleviate nausea and increase one’s appetite may be quite useful to those undergoing harsh treatments. Interestingly enough, some patients find that Grapefruit Kush is helpful in fighting insomnia, while others find that it helps with combating fatigue. For those seeking temporary respite from various mental health issues, many medical users report that Grapefruit Kush is effective in addressing stress and depression.   What does Grapefruit Kush taste like? Some users don’t care how dank or harsh a strain tastes, while others cannot abide such things and highly prefer great-tasting ones. For the latter group, Grapefruit Kush will not disappoint with its incredible sweet citrusy flavor that’s highly reminiscent of an actual grapefruit. Those with discerning palates may also pick up on notes of hash and cream.  Also, for those who find strains that are harsh on the lungs to be hard to bear, know that Grapefruit Kush has a reputation for being quite a smooth smoke.   How do I grow Grapefruit Kush cannabis seeds? Whether you’re new to growing cannabis or have decades of experience, Grapefruit Kush is a hybrid that you should be able to easily cultivate. Plus, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which also saves you from having to sort out the males. This easy-to-grow hybrid can be successfully grown inside or out as well as in a greenhouse.   What do Grapefruit Kush cannabis plants look like? Even though Grapefruit Kush is indica-dominant, the structure of its buds are atypical for an indica as they are neither fluffy nor dense, but instead are somewhere between the two. Its nuggets, which are an attractive lime green, are carpeted with feathery and vibrant orange pistils that seem to extend out of every crevice. To cap things off, Grapefruit Kush’s green and orange buds are blanketed in powdery snow-like crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your Grapefruit Kush cannabis plant A delight to grow, Grapefruit Kush is also very popular with cultivators of all skill levels due to its short vegetative and flowering growth stages along with the fact that it’s known for providing quite copious yields. When grown inside, this hybrid should begin to flower in just 6-7 weeks with a generous yield of 550 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, growers can expect Grapefruit Kush to provide a rewarding harvest of 700 grams per plant sometime around early October.   Cannabis strains similar to Grapefruit Kush Grapefruit the general consensus is that this sweet and well-rounded sativa is definitely one of Grapefruit Kush’s parent strains Panama Red an old-school, pure sativa that also tastes of grapefruit Blue God an easy-to-grow pure indica strain that also provides an outdoor yield of 700 grams per plant Dark Star this award-winning 100% indica is another that produces an outdoor yield of 700 grams per plant UK Cheese like Grapefruit Kush, this savory and potent hybrid that leans sativa may help stimulate the appetite.  


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