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Grape Ape marijuana will easily win you over with its delicious fragrance, aroma, and potent effects. Easy to grow with an above average yield, gardeners of all experience levels will find success with this gorgeous indica strain.

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Wholesale Grape Ape Feminized Seeds Viewed 387 times today. Purchased 67 times today. Purchased 655 times this week. Before it moves you with its scrumptious effects, Grape Ape marijuana will bowl you over with its incredible fragrance – the plant reeks of grape and jolly rancher candy, though it is also known for its deep skunkiness. The sweet aroma and flavor are the perfect treat to help ease you into a relaxing evening filled with cheer. You’re also likely to notice your mouth watering, a tell-tale sign the indica effects have settled in and are ready to lead you straight to the fridge.  Grape Ape marijuana is a popular strain for physicians to prescribe for patients seeking to soothe away stress and manage chronic pain. The dominant indica genetics will unwind even the tightest of knots and tension to relieve restlessness and insomnia. Boasting upwards of 21% THC, Grape Ape is an effective cure-all but should be handled with care.  Gardeners of every experience level can successfully cultivate Grape Ape marijuana seeds. They prefer lots of sunlight and moderate temperatures and trimming the thick branches of these medium height plants can help increase its ultimate yield, as it helps to encourage proper air circulation. Grape Ape flowers after about 7 to 8 weeks, producing upwards an above-average crop of deep purple buds, about 500 grams per plant when indoors, and 600 grams per plant outside. 


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