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Unlike the majority of indica-dominant strains, GMO Cookies makes for great anytime usage as it’s not known for being a couch-locker.

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Wholesale GMO Cookies Feminized Seeds Viewed 493 times today. Purchased 55 times today. Purchased 600 times this week. In the past, cultivators often had to get clippings, as GMO Cookies cannabis seeds were hard to come by in feminized form. Fortunately, that’s not an issue when ordering from Growers Choice. You too can now grow GMO Cookies from seed. GMO (Garlic, Mushroom, and Onions) Cookies may not sound like a strain to which cannabis users would be flocking, but it’s actually quite a flavorful strain that tastes more like cookies as opposed to its “GMO” aroma. Formerly only known as GMO, but changed to “Garlic Cookies” or “GMO Cookies,” this delightful hybrid that was declared one of the best new strains of 2017 had its name changed to make clear that it’s not genetically modified. It’s the offspring of Chemdawg and mouth-watering Girl Scout Cookies. GMO Cookies is a potent blend that, unlike the majority of indica-dominant strains, makes for great usage most any time of the day or night as it’s unlikely to leave you immobilized on the couch.    What are the effects of GMO Cookies cannabis? Relaxed Happy Euphoric Uplifting GMO Cookies cannabis seeds blossom into surprisingly savory plants with an insane THC level of 25%. The amazing thing is that despite its abundance of THC and  80% indica, GMO Cookies cannabis, while deeply relaxing in every way, does not have a reputation for overwhelmingly sedating to the point you find yourself incapable of functioning or moving about.  The strain is known for giving a long-lasting high that’s uplifting and euphoric, allowing users to tap into their happiness. Its deeply soothing properties work on both the mind and body, only resulting in sleep as the effects of GMO Cookies wane. Some users also report that GMO Cookies leaves them feeling more inspired and focused, along with being completely blissful and relaxed, allowing them to overcome blocks in their creativity.   What are the therapeutic benefits of GMO Cookies cannabis? Medical users suffering from depression, chronic stress, and anxiety, along with negative thinking should be able to find some much-deserved respite when using GMO Cookies, which have a reputation for simultaneously soothing mind and body. GMO Cookies is also known to help patients who are seeking alleviation from insomnia, chronic fatigue, inflammation, and chronic aches and pains, along with loss of appetite, which may be especially useful to those grappling with an eating disorder.   What does GMO Cookies taste like? Fortunately for users, GMO Cookies, which gets its “GMO” name from its garlic, mushroom, and onion fragrance, gets its flavor from its parent strain, the insanely delicious Girl Scout Cookies. As such, GMO Cookies do not have a pungent taste of garlic or onions, but instead taste of cookies with a rich, earthy coffee flavor at the end.   How do I grow GMO Cookies cannabis seeds? As previously mentioned, obtaining feminized GMO Cookies seeds was next to impossible for a long time. That’s no longer the case, as all Growers Choice seeds are feminized. This also means that GMO Cookies can now be easily grown even by those new to cannabis cultivation, as before doing so usually required more experience due to the fact that this strain had to be grown from clippings or photoperiod seeds.  GMO Cookies requires a warm and sunny environment when grown outdoors, but can also be successfully grown inside.   What do GMO Cookies cannabis plants look like? There are many ways in which GMO Cookies is something of a contradictory strain: t’s an indica-heavy hybrid that doesn’t tend to result in couch lock, it smells of garlic but tastes of cookies and coffee, and its appearance is more akin to a sativa strain than an indica. GMO Cookies is medium in height with very long and dense olive-green nuggets with a fine feathering of wispy orange pistils and thick crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your GMO Cookies cannabis plant Another great thing about growing GMO Cookies is that novice to seasoned cultivators can anticipate solid indoor and outdoor yields. Grown indoors, this strain should produce an approximate yield of 450 grams of thick, resinous buds per square meter in around 10 weeks. Cultivated outdoors in the warm sun, you can look forward to a harvest come mid-October of somewhere around 450 grams per plant. Cannabis strains similar to GMO Cookies Girl Scout Cookies this popular and delectable sativa-dominant strain can claim GMO Cookies as one of its offspring Phantom Cookies another cookie-tasting option but sativa-dominant Pitbull also a relaxing strain that shares the same 80:20 indica to sativa ratio as GMO Cookies AK-47 a sativa-leaning strain that may also help those suffering from loss of appetite Warlock one more blissfully relaxing, award-winning strain with a matching 80/20 indica to sativa ratio


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