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High sativa and THC combine in Ghost Train Haze marijuana for a cerebral experience that soothes, relaxes for a euphoric, energizing experience. Best grown by those with at least intermediate experience.

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Wholesale Ghost Train Haze Feminized Seeds Viewed 488 times today. Purchased 83 times today. Purchased 454 times this week. You don’t need a ticket to ride Ghost Train Haze marijuana, a high-THC hybrid that does double duty as both a potent recreational and medicinal strain.  Some claim Ghost Train Haze marijuana can make life feel normal for those struggling with both mental and physical pain. It’s a strong Sativa, so euphoria-driven cerebral effects are to be expected. Ghost Train Haze will help you feel bright and productive, but don’t over-indulge! Too much and you’re likely to feel distracted and sluggish. Sweetly floral and citrus, the strain can be used to help treat conditions like ADHD without causing sleepiness, with properties that can also reduce pain and inflammation.  To maximize the yield of Ghost Train Haze marijuana seeds and their 25% THC content, growers should have at least a medium level of experience and provide the right Mediterranean climate or hydroponic growth setup. It will take about 9 to 11 weeks to flower, but come harvest you’ll have an impressive crop of sticky, fragrant weed to heal what ails you.


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