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Galactic Jack’s an out-of-this-world experience that fuels users with a massive lift-off of elation and an overall sense of well-being.

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Wholesale Galactic Jack Feminized Seeds Viewed 490 times today. Purchased 71 times today. Purchased 520 times this week.   Some folks are billionaires and build their own rockets to leave Earth’s atmosphere. The rest of us just invest in Galactic Jack cannabis seeds to begin the initial stages for launching our mission into the cosmos without spending billions. There are two Galactic Jack strains. One was created by Sin City and the other, which is the strain that is available here at Growers Choice, is by TGA Subcool. This Galactic Jack is a very powerful, sativa-dominant strain that’s the offspring of legendary Jack Herer and Space Queen.  Galactic Jack is an amazing daytime or morning strain that fuels users with a massive lift-off of elation and an overall sense of well-being.   What are the effects of Galactic Jack cannabis? Energetic Focused Uplifted Happy Galactic Jack cannabis seeds grow into sativa-heavy plants with an impressive THC content of 24% that will rocket you from the confines of this planet into the galaxy of happiness. Galactic Jack cannabis is renowned for its fast-acting, potent propulsion of long-lasting energy. Its intense cerebral euphoria works to clear the mind of debris so that you are able to focus and think in more creative ways. Not only is Galactic Jack quite the energizing strain it also unshackles the spirit, allowing your mood to soar as you merrily go about your day getting things done. All of these reasons are why many users make Galactic Jack one of their main go-to, wake-and-bake strains. It truly is an out-of-this-world experience worth trying.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Galactic Jack cannabis? Like most strains, Galactic Jack isn’t just for recreational purposes; it also has much to offer those who are medical cannabis users. Thanks to its mind-expanding properties, Galactic Jack’s ability to put users in a positive and buoyant mood means it has the potential to help those dealing with chronic stress, anxiety, and depression-related symptoms. As a strain that provides seemingly-boundless energy, Galactic Jack is often used to help combat fatigue. Its indica side also makes it useful for addressing chronic pain and stiff joints and muscles.   What does Galactic Jack taste like? One of the interesting things about cannabis is that fragrances and smells, like skunk and diesel, that would normally be unappealing in say, food or the way a particular space smells, can actually be quite the opposite for a cannabis strain. As such, the fact that Galactic Jack has an accent of skunkiness to its sweet, lemony citrus and grapefruit tastes doesn’t mean it will be unappetizing but instead, if anything, really adds to its total flavor profile.   How do I grow Galactic Jack cannabis seeds? Galactic Jack, which can be successfully grown both in and outside, will definitely require an experienced or “master” cultivator to grow it. Fortunately, all Growers Choice seeds are feminized, which significantly helps to streamline the initial germination process. One of the reasons that Galactic Jack is a difficult plant to cultivate, apart from all of the usual maintenance required, is that it does not handle quick and sudden changes in temperature. As such, many expert growers recommend growing it indoors, where it is easier to control and maintain its environment, unless you live in a place where steady, warm temperatures are pretty much guaranteed.  It is also advised that you top Galactic Jack and train it for an even canopy.   What do Galactic Jack cannabis plants look like? Galactic Jack, which is medium in height, has been known to double in size when in its flowering stage–hence, the recommendation to top it.  While Galactic Jack might not be the most eye-catching in terms of having a diverse array of colors, it’s still quite a mesmerizing one to look at with its huge, loose-leafed, fluffy nuggets that are lime green in color and heavily sprinkled in a stunning display of icy-looking, white trichomes that are hard to stop staring at.   When to harvest your Galactic Jack cannabis plant Difficult to grow, and not the largest yielder, but once you harvest your Galactic Jack buds and try them out for yourself, neither of these things will matter. When cultivated indoors, this wunderkind should produce a harvest of about 300 grams per square meter in anywhere from 8-10 weeks. Although this might seem like an especially long time, in reality it’s pretty standard for a sativa-dominant hybrid. If you live in an area where the outdoor temperatures stay warm without any big fluctuations, Galactic Jack should be harvest-ready near the end of September with an approximate yield of 350 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to Galactic Jack Jack Herer this popular sativa-leaning hybrid is one of Galactic Jack’s parent strains Space Queen this euphoric and psychoactive hybrid is Galactic Jack’s other impressive parent Euforia another amazing sativa that invigorates, stimulates, and elevates for hours on end  Tangie one more option for fans of euphoric and clear-headed effects Fruity Pebbles also a fabulous wake-and-bake, cerebrally-focusing strain


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