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Need an extra pep in your step this morning? Fruity Pebbles comes with a creative spark that can boost cognitive function during the day, all while easing pain, depression, and anxiety. You won’t be able to resist its fruity aroma!

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Wholesale Fruity Pebbles Feminized Seeds Viewed 432 times today. Purchased 50 times today. Purchased 369 times this week. Have a lot on your plate this week? You need a cannabis strain that can, not only keep up but also motivate you to power through. A time like this calls for Fruity Pebbles cannabis seeds from Growers Choice. This light-headed and clarifying hybrid leans on the indica side — but don’t let that trick you into thinking Fruity Pebbles will make you lazy or demotivated.  On the contrary, this hybrid comes with a creative spark that can boost cognitive function, thus making you more productive in a shorter amount of time. Daytime smokers can’t go wrong with Fruity Pebbles as their “wake-and-bake” choice. The steady and level-headed euphoria of Fruity Pebbles is strong enough to elevate your mood but soothing enough to keep your mental focus on the right track with no distractions.  As its name suggests, Fruity Pebbles does indeed carry a fruity aroma that blends berries, citrus, and exotic spices. Its medical benefits make it a great choice for pain, anxiety, and depression. Fruity Pebbles’ THC content leans on the stronger side towards 21% on average. This could make it too overpowering in novice users, so we recommend that you build up your THC tolerance before choosing this hybrid.


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