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Now available in seed form, Face Off OG, named for its face-melting effects, both energetically boosts and physically sedates.

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Wholesale Face Off OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 445 times today. Purchased 95 times today. Purchased 695 times this week. If you’re a master cultivator who’s been trying to find Face Off OG cannabis seeds as opposed to always hunting down clones, you can now get them from Growers Choice Seeds. Named for its face-melting effects, Face Off OG, which has been around since the 90s, is thought to be either the result of two extremely powerful pure indicas being crossed with one another or that it’s one of the original cuts from the very first batch of OG Kush. This dynamic indica-dominant hybrid is the kind of strain that makes for a great option when needing just a last burst of energy to finish off some final tasks before completely letting go and doing nothing the rest of the day or evening.   What are the effects of Face Off OG cannabis? Relaxed Happy Euphoric Sleepy Face Off OG cannabis seeds grow into plants with a THC content of 19%, which may sound moderate, but really isn’t in terms of the intensity of its effects. While Face Off OG is very heavy on the indica, it first provides some incredible cerebral effects that give users a deep sense of happiness and euphoria. Its mind-clearing properties can cause users to feel motivated to accomplish some tasks for quite a while as they go about focusing on the work at hand.  However, don’t let this initial boost in energy fool you as Face Off OG’s power to induce relaxation is mighty. Once you begin to feel your body buzzing with a soothing tingling sensation, you’ll know that laziness and possible couch-lock are on their way before you end up drifting into a deep, restful sleep. Face Off OG’s calming physical effects can be quite intense for those with low THC tolerance or who are first-time users, as sometimes it can knock even the most seasoned of users off their socks. Face Off OG is the embodiment of contradictions as it is both mentally invigorating and mood-boosting while also being extremely lethargic in its impact.    What are the therapeutic benefits of Face Off OG cannabis? Face Off OG’s THC content means that it has analgesic properties that can help in relieving physical aches and pains, inflammation, and migraines. Its initial cerebrally lucid high may serve to temporarily alleviate stress, depression, anxiety, negative thinking, and even PTSD. The fact that Face Off OG provides so much happiness at the start means it also has the possibility to help in both uplifting and stabilizing one’s moods. It goes without saying that this powerful indica may also greatly benefit insomniacs by allowing them to get some much-needed, deep sleep.   What does Face Off OG taste like? Some strains can almost be defined by the aroma and/or flavor either due to being so unique, pungently and dankly overpowering, or astoundingly delicious; whereas others, like Face Off OG, are neither impressive nor offensive in their fragrance or taste. Basically, Face Off OG is pretty generic in its taste in that it has notes of wood, pine, herbs, and citrus. It probably won’t win any awards for its flavor, but it definitely won’t be on anyone’s “most hated flavors” list of strains. In short, Face Off OG has a pleasant taste that does not particularly stand out for any reason.   How do I grow Face Off OG cannabis seeds? Not only can you finally get Face Off OG in seed form, but all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. Unfortunately, Face Off OG is a strain best left to the expert or master cultivators as it’s a pretty high maintenance plant to tend to as overwatering, overfeeding, and/or overexposing them to heat and moisture are all things that could easily happen if you don’t have enough experience under your belt. While Face Off OG can be grown outdoors in a cool to warm climate, it’s quite sensitive to changes in temperature. As such, it’s generally recommended that you grow this strain indoors where you can monitor and control its environment more easily. Furthermore, even though Face Off OG can be successfully grown in soil, using hydroponics is advised in order for it to grow to its full potential. Using the Screen of Green method is also encouraged when cultivating Face Off OG inside.   What do Face Off OG cannabis plants look like? Face Off OG is medium in height, producing very dense and very leafy lime and dark green nuggets that are adorned in orange and red pistils. Its buds are also heavily enwrapped in a shimmery blanket of extremely sticky, tiny trichomes. All in all, Face Off OG is a nice plant to look at and its buds are equally pleasing to the eye.   When to harvest your Face Off OG cannabis plant When a strain requires a lot of time, effort, and attention in order to successfully grow it, two of the things that make it all worthwhile are the genuine satisfaction gained from achieving something that requires your expertise and being able to harvest what you’ve grown with your own hands. Cultivated indoors, Face Off OG should enter its flowering stage somewhere between 7-9 weeks with a yield of around 350 grams per square meter.  If you decide to try your hand at growing Face Off OG outdoors, it should yield approximately 400 grams per plant by late September into mid-October.   Cannabis strains similar to Face Off OG OG Kush this sativa-leaning strain is believed by some to be the original strain from which Face Off OG was derived Blue God a pure indica that, unlike Face Off OG, is extremely easy to grow DJ Short Blueberry, aka “Blueberry,” is another potent indica-heavy strain with incredibly generous yields  Green Goddess shares the same indica to sativa ratio of 75:25 as Face Off OG  Chocolate Chunk one more 100% indica that provides similar yields as Face Off OG but can be successfully grown by cultivators of all skill levels


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