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Many agree that Euforia surpasses energy drinks as it invigorates, stimulates, and elevates for hours on end without the jitters.

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Wholesale Euforia Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 355 times today. Purchased 93 times today. Purchased 342 times this week.   Euforia cannabis seeds are easy and satisfying to grow. Winner of the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup and the 2002 Best Seeds Highlife Cup, Euforia is a heavily sativa-dominant hybrid that makes for great wake-and-bake or daytime usage. This strain, which contains 80% sativa and an astounding 7% CBD, is descended from the Skunk family, with some saying it’s derived from Skunk #1. However, not only is Euforia considered a very effective healer for medical users, it’s also beloved by the recreational community for its extraordinary euphoric effects and ability to massively lift spirits.   What are the effects of Euforia cannabis? Euphoric Happy Energetic With Euforia cannabis seeds you will be able to grow plants that contain 16% THC and, in a sense, a whole lot of euphoria. If you’re looking to start your day with a boost of energy and bliss, Euforia cannabis is definitely the way to go. Many would say that this near-pure sativa far exceeds any kind of cloyingly-sweet energy drink as it invigorates, stimulates, and elevates for hours on end without leaving you jittery. Euforia’s cerebral high is like no other as your mind transcends the confines of this planet, soaring high into the creative stratosphere. Its exhilarating rush of energy and elation tends to leave users feeling more loquacious and sociable, which also makes Euforia a good choice for a night out on the town.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Euforia cannabis? With its potent 7% CBD content, Euforia has a long list of potential benefits for medical cannabis users. Its invigorating lift that raises spirits makes it useful for those dealing with chronic stress, negative thinking, anxiety, and moderate cases of depression. Note that while Euforia may help with relieving anxiety, if you are someone who is already prone to anxiety, have a very low tolerance for THC, or choose to exceed your usual dosage then it could increase anxious thinking. For those seeking aid with physical health issues, Euforia may significantly alleviate eye pressure and glaucoma, inflammation, and chronic fatigue. Its potential to restore the appetite and abate nausea can be of particular use to patients undergoing harsh treatments.   What does Euforia taste like? Imagine walking through the woods just after a refreshing rain shower. Think of how the damp earth, greenery, and pine trees smell as if new and refreshed. As you conjure these smells to mind, imagine how that dewy goodness must taste. By doing so, not only do you have a good idea of what Euforia’s fragrance is like, you also can sense what its flavor is like–sweet, woody, earthy, fruity, piney, and herbaceous with a note of skunkiness.    How do I grow Euforia cannabis seeds? Who doesn’t love a strain that’s all about the euphoria and is easy to grow as well? Plus, when you order your Euforia seeds you can do so knowing that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. Euforia is considered a particularly tenacious strain that’s resistant to common molds and mildew and can cope with issues like changes in temperature. That said, if you decide to cultivate Euforia outside instead of indoors, it will thrive best in a dry and sunny setting. Also, it does like and need its nutrients, but you’ll want to be careful not to overfeed your plants.   What do Euforia cannabis plants look like? Due to its healthy coating of glistening silvery trichomes, Euforia produces incredibly sticky and resinous buds that require the use of a good grinder to break them up.  Medium in height, Euforia’s medium-sized dense and chunky nuggets are shades of bright green with a sporadic smattering of red-orange hairs. Its buds are fluffy, which makes them easy to break off from their main stems.   When to harvest your Euforia cannabis plant Euforia is an average yielder, with a pretty rapid grow time, which is something indoor cultivators can take advantage of as they can then increase their number of harvests in a year. Grown indoors, Euforia tends to take as little as 7 weeks and as many as 9 to be harvest ready, at which point you can anticipate a yield of about 400 grams per square meter. If you’re able to cultivate your Euforia outdoors, you can expect a slightly larger harvest of approximately 500 grams per plant near the end of September and into mid-October.   Cannabis strains similar to Euforia Skunk No. 1 this 50/50 hybrid is definitely a close relative of Euforia, with some saying that it’s the direct descendant of this strain Skunk Kush this indica-leaning hybrid is also a relative of Euforia, with Skunk No. 1 as one of its parent strains Skunk one more for fans of the Skunk family, complete with the euphoria but as a heavily-indica dominant strain, this one also brings the sleep Sundae Driver an indica-dominant hybrid that may also help patients in dealing with pain Sunset Sherbet if you’re looking for another euphoric and energizing sativa-dominant hybrid


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