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Grow your dreams sky high with Dream Queen cannabis seeds! Dream Queen’s all about providing maximum physical and cerebral pleasure.

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Wholesale Dream Queen Feminized Seeds Viewed 469 times today. Purchased 67 times today. Purchased 652 times this week. Now you can grow your dreams sky high–or is it: be sky high and dream–with Dream Queen cannabis seeds! This tall-growing, euphorically-potent sativa-dominant hybrid is the offspring of dreamy ruling parent strains Blue Dream and Space Queen. This strain provides a dream yield grown outdoors, and indoors is harvest-ready in about two months with a solid yield. Simply put, Dream Queen is all about providing users with maximum physical and cerebral pleasure–something most everyone could use a little more of!   What are the effects of Dream Queen cannabis? Creativity Invigoration Euphoria Upbeat Relaxation Relieves depression, stress, anxiety   Dream Queen cannabis seeds will mature into a fast-acting, powerful strain that provides a buzzy cerebral high that will lift you out of the confines of time, into the heavens, and out into space. With a THC content that tends to hover between 19%-22%, Dream Queen boosts and uplifts the mood, giving that extra creative oomph and feelings of other-worldly happiness and bliss. This one makes for a great daytime high as it not only elevates and energizes, it tends to make folk feel more chatty and in the mood to socialize and hang out–albeit, sometimes rather spacily in a joyful, high-spirits kind of way. Eventually, Dream Queen’s indica side works its magic by inducing calming physical sensations that won’t send you off into the land where dreams are made, but will have you feeling a bit more focused and only mildly sedated.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Dream Queen cannabis?  Thanks to Dream Queen’s 70% sativa content, it has a reputation amongst medical users for being one that not just uplifts, but shifts thoughts and moods, thereby helping to provide temporary relief for those who suffer from mental health issues such as stress, depression, and anxiety. On the physical side of things, Dream Queen has been known to provide relief for minor aches and pains, nausea, and fatigue. Also, because this strain tends to bring on the munchies, it has been used by those who struggle with eating disorders or who are suffering from loss of appetite due to harsh treatments to effectively induce a healthy desire to eat.   What does Dream Queen taste like?  While taste and smell are pretty subjective, the general consensus is that not only does Dream Queen work like a dream, this strain has both a dreamy flavor and aroma profile that is sure to please most any and all who encounter this royal strain. Dream Queen gives off an earthy and floral aroma with hints of fruity bubblegum that, to some, also has pleasantly rubbery notes as well.  As for Dream Queen’s flavors, to say that this strain tastes delectable is almost akin to an understatement! With notes of pine, citrus, menthol, and some would also add “sweet bubblegum” to the description, Dream Queen does not disappoint in any way.   How do I grow Dream Queen cannabis seeds?  While all of Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which are generally more user-friendly for new growers, Dream Queen isn’t recommended for novices to try their hand at as these cannabis seeds definitely require some experience to grow. Also, pests, especially the red spider mite, are something you’ll need to keep an eye on as they really enjoy feasting on this queen of a plant.   What do Dream Queen cannabis plants look like?  Dream Queen, which can reach considerable heights, has wonderfully dense, light and mint green-colored buds that are elongated and thin. Dream Queen’s nuggets are also all interwoven with orange pistils and blanketed with shimmering trichomes. Basically, Dream Queen is the total package with blissful, otherworldly effects, incredible taste and smell, generous yield, and yes, even the looks to boot!   When to harvest your Dream Queen cannabis plant  While Dream Queen can be grown in and outside, if you can grow it outdoors in a Mediterranean-like climate, it will thrive, growing up to 10 feet tall, and providing you with a most-bountiful yield of 1,020 grams per plant come late September. Note, you will need to support its branches as its buds are heavy. Grown indoors, Dream Queen cannabis seeds do well in soil or hydroponics, providing an approximate yield of 510 grams per square meter in only 8-10 weeks.   Similar cannabis strains to Dream Queen  Big Wreck it euphorically uplifts and relaxes versus utterly wrecking you Asian Fantasy a perfect blend of relaxing but not sedating, plus interestingly trippy Laughing Buddha an energizing, yet peaceful and happy, treat for the senses Casey Jones an energizing wake and bake with a blast of smooth euphoria Schrom a pleasant daytime strain that’s excellent for those suffering from depression


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