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Don’t let the name fool you – Dirty Girl marijuana will treat you nicely, with an electrifying high and relatively easy-going growing profile.

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Wholesale Dirty Girl Feminized Seeds Viewed 435 times today. Purchased 71 times today. Purchased 309 times this week. Somewhat of a misnomer, Dirty Girl marijuana will treat you very nicely, thanks to a soaring THC content and a gentle high that will improve your mood and make social gatherings that much more enjoyable.  Starting out slow with an intensifying high that brings happiness with her, it’s the job of Dirty Girl marijuana to mellow out and relax, although she does bring with her a touch of the psychedelic. Her aroma is sweet and earthy, hinting at pineapple, with notes of citrus and lemon on the palate. Patients have found this sweet treat is useful in combating stress and pain.  Dirty Girl marijuana may need a bit of care in the garden, but a little experience can go a long way to help maximize the yield of this curvaceous, versatile strain. Indoors with the sea of green or outdoors in a moderate climate, Dirty Girl should produce between 10 and 12 ounces of sticky bud in as early as 8 weeks. 


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