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Diablo is a heavenly little demon of a hybrid that will simultaneously soothe and stimulate users with its sativa effects.

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Wholesale Diablo Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 418 times today. Purchased 73 times today. Purchased 367 times this week.   Getting Diablo cannabis seeds was once close to impossible, and most cultivators had to obtain clippings in order to grow this delightful sativa-leaning hybrid. However, thanks to Growers Choice, you can now easily get Diablo in seed form. Diablo, aka “Diablo OG,” is the offspring of Blueberry, Grapefruit, and a South African landrace strain. Its simultaneously soothing and stimulating sativa effects are so holy that Diablo captured second place in the Outdoor category at the 2002 BC Harvest Cup.   What are the effects of Diablo cannabis? Relaxed Happy Sleepy Euphoric With Diablo cannabis seeds you’ll be able to grow an award-winning strain that has a 60:40 sativa-to-indica ratio and 18% THC content.  Diablo cannabis usually takes about 15 minutes before its well-balanced effects take hold. Its long-lasting high that can go for hours lifts off with euphorically clear-headed cerebral effects that transport users into a state of happiness and focused motivation, all while refueling them with energy and a “can-do” positive attitude. Many find these attributes also serve to boost their creativity and productivity. Diablo is also a very relaxing strain that works to release physical and mental tension knotted up in the body. As such, some prefer to use Diablo when wanting to just kick back and enjoy their day or evening at home, while others like it for accomplishing tasks around the house or completing various work projects. No matter your preferred usage, the elation, bliss, and tranquility that Diablo has to offer will serve you well most any time you decide to use it.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Diablo cannabis? While the word “diablo” means “devil,” the therapeutic benefits this strain extends to users are from on high as opposed to from below. Diablo’s mood-boosting, joyful, tension-clearing effects and tendency to induce levity means it has the potential to greatly alleviate stress, depression, ADHD, and PTSD.   This hybrid also has a reputation for providing hours of relief to those suffering from chronic pain, PMS, muscle spasms, insomnia, loss of appetite, and nausea.   What does Diablo taste like? Before you light up with Diablo, know that this heavenly little demon of a hybrid is not ashamed to make its presence known via its incredible but very pungent aroma. In terms of its flavor, Diablo is equally incredible with a flavor profile of grapefruit, sweet blueberry, and hash with undertones of black pepper and spice. When combusted, this strong-smelling, sweet and spicy-tasting hybrid delivers a surprisingly smooth smoke.   How do I grow Diablo cannabis seeds? Diablo, which can be grown both indoors and out, requires a medium amount of cannabis cultivation experience to successfully grow it. The fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means that the chances of ending up with male plants, while not impossible, is quite low. Grown outside, Diablo requires being nurtured in a warm climate. If you grow it inside, make sure you have enough space for this wide-growing plant. You’ll probably want to use some kind of air filtration system to deal with its strong smell.  No matter where you cultivate Diablo you’ll need to top or trim any upper fan leaves so that ] air and light can reach the lower growing nodes. Some phenotypes of Diablo produce purple leaves when exposed to cooler, but never freezing, overnight temperatures near the end of the plant’s vegetative growth stage.   What do Diablo cannabis plants look like? Diablo’s bushy plants can be 5-6 feet tall. While it does demonstrate its sativa genetics by producing unusually large buds, its nuggets are very dense in structure like an indica. Diablo’s buds are dark green and sometimes reveal beautiful purple accents when properly shocked. Its sticky, resinous buds are interwoven with brown and dark orange pistils and are completely blanketed in crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your Diablo cannabis plant While Diablo does not produce large yields, its well-rounded effects are more than ample reward. Grown indoors, this sativa-leaning hybrid should produce about 200 grams per square meter in just 7-8 weeks. Cultivated outdoors, Diablo should be ready to harvest sometime between late September to early October with an approximate yield of 200 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to Diablo Blueberry this popular, indica-heavy hybrid is one of Diablo’s three parent strains Grapefruit this well-rounded sativa-dominant hybrid is another of Diablo’s parent strains Durban Poison this energizing and mood-boosting pure sativa is an excellent example of a type of South African landrace strain, of which an unknown strain is Diablo’s third parent Grapefruit Kush this indica-dominant hybrid also claims Grapefruit as a parent strain and is considered one of the most phenomenal strains around Blueberry Kush a near-pure indica that, like Diablo, has Blueberry as a parent strain


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