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At 24% THC and an aroma you can’t miss, there’s nothing weak about Death Star marijuana, an out-of-this-world cannabis strain that delivers euphoria and sedation in a powerful package.

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Wholesale Death Star Feminized Seeds Viewed 452 times today. Purchased 69 times today. Purchased 458 times this week. Less complicated than its name might suggest, Death Star marijuana is a powerful indica that will blast you into space with its strong sedation and euphoric high. Topping out at almost 27% THC, the effects of Death Star marijuana are sure to blast you into space, leaving any worry or strife behind you. The recreational benefits here are obvious, but the medical prowess of Death Star marijuana is apparent in its ability to help patients struggling with anxiety and mood disorders. Death Star is also adept at rendering pain almost null.  Death Star marijuana makes itself known with a strong aromatic profile that is both earthy-sweet and skunky. Cultivators will appreciate its ease in the garden, as well. Death Star marijuana seeds are popular among growers for their resistance to common molds and mildews. Planted indoors or out, this hybrid will produce upwards of 14 ounces for your efforts after between 8 and 9 weeks spent flowering. 


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