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Named for a song by the legendary Grateful Dead, Dark Star deeply relaxes and unwinds, making it an excellent evening strain.

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Wholesale Dark Star Feminized Seeds Viewed 413 times today. Purchased 79 times today. Purchased 578 times this week. Named not for Darth Vader and the Empire’s failed dream of the Death Star, but for a song by the legendary Grateful Dead, Dark Star cannabis seeds are bound to delight cultivators with their more than generous yields. The 100% pure indica offspring of Purple Kush, and second place winner of the 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup Best Indica–Mazar I Sharif–Dark Star deeply relaxes and unwinds, making it an excellent evening strain.   What are the effects of Dark Star cannabis? Relaxed Sleepy Euphoric Dark Star cannabis seeds blossom into pure indica plants with a moderate yet effective THC content of 19% and impressive CBD level of 2%. The fact that Dark Star cannabis is a pure indica means that its ability to fully and deeply relax and sedate users into a sleepy state is quite potent. Along with being such a physically soothing strain that makes for a great choice when you’re wanting a nice lazy evening at home, Dark Star provides euphoria and a sense of happiness. It’s also known for inducing a huge case of the munchies. Its sedative quality is the kind that not only loosens you up both mentally and physically, but can also end up leaving you feeling “out of it,” which is another way in which this strain makes for a fabulous unwinder.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Dark Star cannabis? While Dark Star does have a relatively high CBD content, 2% is not quite enough for it to be effective. However, its strong CBD level does make this a very therapeutically beneficial strain for medical users.  Dark Star is considered to be a premium choice for those suffering from chronic stress and in helping patients manage their anxiety and depression levels as well as symptoms related to PTSD. This strain also has a reputation for providing pain relief for issues like muscle spasms and chronic aches and pains. Its hunger-inducing properties means it has the potential to help those dealing with a loss of appetite, and its ability to provide sheer relaxation and chill can work very much to the benefit of those combating insomnia find much-needed sleep.   What does Dark Star taste like? While not everyone is a fan of Dark Star’s pungent earth and pine smell, it’s also not a completely hideous aroma. Whether or not this strain’s fragrance is your favorite, you’ll be pleased to know that what it lacks in taste it makes up for in smell. Along with the pungent earth and pine flavors that carry over from its smell, Dark Star also has the taste of grapes and berries, which makes for a much more enjoyable experience in the taste department.   How do I grow Dark Star cannabis seeds? Cultivating Dark Star does require previous growing experience, somewhere in the “intermediate” level. However, Growers Choice makes things that much easier as all of our cannabis seeds are feminized.  Dark Star can be grown in and outdoors, as well as in a greenhouse. When grown outside, this strain requires a warm and sunny environment to thrive. Ensuring it gets a minimum of 18 hours of light is necessary for getting the most out of its vegetative growth stage. As such, both outdoor and indoor cultivators will often use high-intensity lighting to make sure this happens. If growing Dark Star indoors is more realistic for you, then you can use either soil or hydroponics to successfully cultivate it.  Because Dark Star is a bushy grower, it will require a lot of feeding. Another thing to be mindful of when growing it inside is keeping humidity levels in the proper range and using air conditioning or some kind of fan system that creates a cooling airflow to prevent mold from destroying your crops.   What do Dark Star cannabis plants look like? Dark Star is usually medium in height when fully mature and outwardly grows quite wide. Its star-shaped nuggets are quite large, weighty, and tightly packed together and are very resinous in texture due to their rich blanketing of glistening trichomes. The buds of Dark Star are green and decked out in pistils that have a pink tint to them. Sometimes, when its flowers are entering their blooming stage, you’ll notice shades of dark purple both on the inside and outside of the nuggets.   When to harvest your Dark Star cannabis plant While it’s true that Dark Star does require a lot of care and attention with a somewhat longer flowering time, what’s also true is that it’s a strain that will generously reward you for all your hard work.  Should you cultivate Dark Star indoors, you can expect a huge yield of 650 grams per square meter in around 10 weeks. If you’re able to grow it outdoors, Dark Star should thank you for all the time and effort you put into ensuring its successful growth by giving you a bountiful harvest of 700 grams per plant near the end of October.   Cannabis strains similar to Dark Star Purple Kush this highly sought-after pure indica is one of Dark Star’s parent strains Mazar a “relative” of Dark Star’s as they both share Mazar I Sharif in their lineage Bullrider another one for those who love pure indica strains Romulan Kush descended from excellence, this 100% indica also deeply relaxes Presidential Bubba Kush this powerful pure indica has a shorter indoor grow time than Dark Star


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