Wholesale Cotton Candy Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


Cotton Candy Kush marijuana is a carnival for the senses. Fruity, fragrant, and delightfully potent, the hybrid is a positvely good time for both consumers an gardeners of ever experience level.

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Wholesale Cotton Candy Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 401 times today. Purchased 68 times today. Purchased 582 times this week. With its sweetly enticing aroma, Cotton Candy Kush marijuana evokes memories of sticky fingers and excitement, and its deeply relaxing effects will help remind you of those simpler times.  Cotton Candy Kush marijuana is a balanced hybrid that features high THC (around 22%) and naturally high levels of CBD (1%), offering a comprehensive experience to both recreational and medicinal consumers. Prone to happiness and fits of laughter, Cotton Candy Kush’s mind-clearing abilities help make for a productive, bubbly day. It’s natural CBD content lends to the therapeutic properties of Cotton Candy Kush marijuana, which has been known to be useful in the management of chronic conditions like pain, spasms, and mood disorders.  Smelling strongly of blueberries with flowers that take on a purplish hue, Cotton Candy Kush marijuana seeds create tall plants with bus that become more crystalline as they reach maturity. Trimming will be required to manage its height, but it is resistant to most common molds and diseases, and prefers a dry environment with lots of light. Under its favorite conditions, Cotton Candy Kush is likely to yield between 16 and 35 ounces – an impressive feat sure to tickle gardeners of every experience level.


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