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Clementine is one of the citriust and most satisfying strains around that makes for a wonderfully uplifting medical and recreational strain.

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Wholesale Clementine Feminized Seeds Viewed 340 times today. Purchased 74 times today. Purchased 418 times this week. You are in for a treat once your Clementine cannabis seeds are planted and ready for harvest! Second place winner of Best Sativa in the 2015 High Time Cannabis Cup, this slightly sativa-dominant hybrid is one of the citriust, tastiest, and most satisfying strains around. Clementine is the offspring of Tangie and Lemon Skunk, resulting in a wonderful medical and recreational strain that is uplifting both mentally and physically.   What are the effects of Clementine cannabis? Stimulating Energizing Euphoria Optimism Happy Focus Stress and migraine reliever   Clementine cannabis seeds grow into plants with an average THC level of 20% with euphorically energizing effects that make it an excellent daytime smoke. Clementine cannabis is nicely balanced in its effects where its sativa side invigorates, boosts your mood, provides focus and motivation, and its indica side is just strong enough to relax without making you drowsy or couch locked. This strain induces a sense of optimism that not only leaves you feeling happier, more inspired, and creative, but has you wanting to share your good vibes, and some laughs, with those you encounter. Imagine serenely going about your tasks with a smile on your face as you find joy and inspiration in your surroundings and work, and you have an idea of what to expect from Clementine.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Clementine cannabis?  As a daytime kind of strain, Clementine also makes for an excellent option for medicinal users who want to stay mentally sharp and physically active but are in dire need of some relief from their stress, fatigue, or depression.  Furthermore, Clementine is known to help those who struggle with various physical issues like migraines, tension headaches, muscle spasms, and joint aches. It also can help those who are suffering from loss of appetite or nausea, making it especially useful for patients who are in the process of undergoing treatments.   What does Clementine taste like?  Clementine does not disappoint in the flavor department. In fact, many users use the phrase “insanely delicious” to describe its succulently sweet citrusy orange taste that comes with a nice earthy aftertaste. Known for being smooth on the lungs, Clementine is definitely a treat to try.  One minor thing to note is that while it smells as wonderfully as it tastes, its fragrance is quite aromatic, making it a less than discrete smoke.   How do I grow Clementine cannabis seeds?  Not only are all of Growers Choice cannabis seeds feminized, but Clementine cannabis is an easy strain for both newbie and expert growers alike to cultivate both inside and outside as it is not a finicky plant and is resistant to common molds and mildew. When grown outdoors it requires a semi-humid, warm, and sunny climate and some regular trimming and pruning as it can grow to be quite tall. Also, just as it is a very aromatic smoke, Clementine will definitely alert others to its presence as it is a very pungent grower. As such, if you plan to cultivate it indoors you may want to consider using carbon air filters or exhaust fans.   What do Clementine cannabis plants look like?  The tall-growing Clementine cannabis plant has remarkably large flowers that produce incredibly dense and tight conical-shaped nuggets. All of which are quite indicative of Clementine’s sativa genes in terms of structure. Its lime green nuggets are intermittently adorned with brilliant orange pistils and are all thickly frosted over in small cloudy shimmery trichomes.   When to harvest your Clementine cannabis plant  While Clementine does not provide the largest of yields, it still offers a good solid amount of anywhere from 312-425 grams depending on if you’re growing it in or outdoors. When growing your Clementine cannabis plants inside, it should be harvest-ready in approximately 9 weeks with a yield of about 312 grams per square meter. If you opted to cultivate Clementine outside, you can expect a harvest sometime around mid-October with a yield of 425 grams per plant.   Similar cannabis strains to Clementine Hawaiian has a unique cerebral impact that’s clear and focused, with a noticeable boost of energy Burmese Kush has a quick onset that delivers a rush of calm euphoria, lifting the mood and helping to improve focus and creativity Maui Wowie delivers head-clearing focus, energy, and day-changing happiness Allen Wrench provokes a cerebral stimulation that wakes up the mind with a burst of energy and focus Casey Jones an energizing wake and bake that provides a blast of smooth euphoria to make your day brighter 


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