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As sweet as the baked good fresh out of the oven, Cherry Pie marijuana is an indica-dominant hybrid with delicious cerebral effects. Enjoy pain relief and energy with this easy-to-grow strain that has something for everyone.

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Wholesale Cherry Pie Feminized Seeds Viewed 309 times today. Purchased 87 times today. Purchased 385 times this week. If sweet baked goods are your scene, you’re going to love Cherry Pie marijuana, a potent hybrid not quite like mom used to make.  Favoring its indica heritage, Cherry Pie marijuana delivers a hefty dose of relaxation but without the tell-tale heaviness that characterizes its predominant strain. Instead, find yourself energized, and driven by happiness and euphoria, the kind of which is conducive to creativity and social gatherings. Patients with pain but the need to be productive take advantage of the mood-boosting prowess of Cherry Pie, with no lethargic side effects – PMS, tension, migraines, and other chronic conditions are easily treatable with this indica-dominant plant.  With heavy notes of sour-sweet cherry and spicy earth, Cherry Pie is fragrant both before and after harvest. The indica-leaning genetics of Cherry Pie marijuana seeds produce plants of medium size, that, though sturdy, prefer an indoor environment that is kept warm and well lit. It’s also quite resilient, and considered a good strain for beginner cultivators. With 8 to 9 weeks spent flowering, your Cherry Pie buds, ready for harvest, will be just as delectable as any fresh-baked treat. 


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