Wholesale Cherry Diesel Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


Fast- and easy-to-grow Cherry Diesel packs a rapidly powerful cerebral charge and thorough relaxation without flattening users to the proverbial curb.

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Wholesale Cherry Diesel Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 354 times today. Purchased 82 times today. Purchased 683 times this week.   For those looking to add a once-limited-edition, perfectly-balanced 50/50 hybrid to their library of strains, Cherry Diesel cannabis seeds are right up most any cultivator’s alley, including novice growers! Named for its unusual yet refreshing combination of sweet and sour flavors, Cherry Diesel is the offspring of Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel. It has a reputation for packing a fast and powerful cerebral charge and enabling thorough relaxation without flattening users to the proverbial curb.    What are the effects of Cherry Diesel cannabis? Relaxed Euphoric Creative Motivating Post-germination, Cherry Diesel cannabis seeds blossom into plants with an evenly-balanced sativa to indica ratio and healthy 17% THC content–all of which results in a strain that makes for great usage most any time of the day or night. Users of Cherry Diesel cannabis can expect to experience an initial rapid rush of mood-lifting, exhilarating euphoria that blows any dark, moody clouds away and invites in the energetically motivating rays of light that fill one with happy positivity along with creative and focused productivity. As Cherry Diesel recharges your mind, its indica half settles in, completely soothing your body from head to toe in warm waves of deep relaxation without leaving you incapable of moving about and carrying on with your day or evening. If any sleepiness is to be anticipated from enjoying Cherry Diesel, it will either be as its effects wear off or if you decide to exceed your usual tolerance or dosage.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Cherry Diesel cannabis? As a well-balanced hybrid, Cherry Diesel has a plethora of potential therapeutic benefits to offer medical users. Its uplifting euphoric cerebral effects mean it has the possibility to help patients who are looking to temporarily relieve negative thinking, depression, stress, and even PTSD-related symptoms. In terms of physical pain relief, Cherry Diesel has analgesic properties that can result in aiding those who suffer from muscle spasms, muscle and joint aches, migraines and/or headache, nausea, and loss of appetite.   What does Cherry Diesel taste like? As previously mentioned, Cherry Diesel’s name is quite literal in that it is called such due to its distinct flavors of sour diesel and sweet, fresh cherries. While “diesel” may sound like a rather horrid taste to those new to recreational or medical cannabis usage, in reality it can add a nice tart undertone to balance the sweetness of a strain so that it’s not cloyingly intense. When combusted, many users detect strong pine notes and a slightly more diesel aftertaste. This unusual combination of flavors work together to enhance the balanced effects of Cherry Diesel’s psychoactive properties.   How do I grow Cherry Diesel cannabis seeds? Great news! Fast-growing Cherry Diesel is considered easy to grow for all levels of cultivators from novice to expert. Plus, all cannabis seeds that you order from Growers Choice are feminized, making things that much easier for you. Cherry Diesel can be grown both in and outside. Outdoors, its plants thrive in spacious, sunny areas with good ventilation, and when grown indoors it will do well in a space where sudden changes in temperature do not occur.   What do Cherry Diesel cannabis plants look like? Cherry Diesel plants are medium in height when fully developed. They produce dense, bright green popcorn-shaped nuggets that are almost tattered-looking in structure, where their density and compactness are traits that are more common to indicas. Cherry Diesel’s lime green buds are all adorned with vibrant orange pistils, with sticky buds thickly coated in resinous trichomes.    When to harvest your Cherry Diesel cannabis plant What Cherry Diesel lacks in large harvests, it makes up for in its rapid growth, meaning when grown indoors, a cultivator could easily get several harvests in one year, thereby increasing yield amount. Cultivated indoors, this strain tends to flower in as little as 7 weeks, depending on one’s chosen growing method and medium. It generally provides a yield of around 300 grams per plant. Grown outside using organic methods, Cherry Diesel should be harvest-ready come October with an approximate yield of 250 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to Cherry Diesel Cherry Pie an indica-dominant hybrid for fans of sweet and tart cherry strains California Orange a classic 50/50 indica-sativa hybrid that also makes for great daytime usage with a slightly lower THC content Snowcap another for those who love a good 50/50 hybrid, but this one leans slightly more sativa in its giddy effects Tangie a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s also has been known for its euphoric effects and  helping those suffering from PTSD NYC Diesel if you like the diesel flavors of Cherry Diesel, you’re likely to love the fruity diesel taste of this buoyant, sativa-leaning hybrid


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