Wholesale Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


Cheese is a nearly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica, 30% sativa, 20% ruderalis) with a relatively low THC content, which means it elicits a relatively docile psychoactive effect. Despite this, Cheese is an expert at making patients feel happy and relaxed, delivering mood-enhancing qualities and enveloping the body with a “couch-lock” sensation that delivers deep-muscle relaxation and induces sleep in even the tensest insomniac.

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Wholesale Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Welcome to Growers Choice, where we provide the best cannabis seed services and products in the industry! As a wholesale retailer of Growers Choice cannabis seeds, you will become a trusted partner in our endeavor to bring the healing, all-natural medical alternative of cannabis to the world! Why choose Growers Choice? There are so many reasons! Read More For wholesale pricing, please email us for more information.


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