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Charlie Sheen is kind of like the public persona of the acto—a fun yet wild ride with odd moments of calm.

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Wholesale Charlie Sheen Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 400 times today. Purchased 99 times today. Purchased 509 times this week.   One can only imagine what the erratic actor himself would say now that his namesake Charlie Sheen cannabis seeds are now available for purchase, as up until recently it was only possible to grow this strain from clippings. If you’re even somewhat familiar with this self-proclaimed “tiger-blooded” actor, you have something of an idea what you’re in for with this indica-dominant hybrid that’s also known as “Charlie Sheen OG.” Charlie Sheen— the strain, not the man—is the offspring of a three-way cross, something the man himself would probably be pleased to know, of OG Kush, Green Crack, and Blue Dream.    What are the effects of Charlie Sheen cannabis? Relaxed Euphoric Happy Sociable Unlike the infamous actor, Charlie Sheen cannabis seeds mature–*wink–into plants with a robust THC content of 19%. Like the public persona of this actor, Charlie Sheen cannabis defies expectations in that, despite being indica dominant, it doesn’t tend to result in couch lock…instead, it leads to an eruption of frenetic energy. Fortunately, this crazy energy is eventually evened out with a more calming and relaxing impact. Charlie Sheen has a reputation for providing a jolt of happy and euphoric energy that’s so uplifting that you’re likely to feel the need to go out and socialize with friends if you aren’t doing so already. Generally, after about an hour or so, Charlie Sheen’s indica relaxing properties begin to kick in to the point that those with a lower tolerance might find it to be a bit discombobulating.  All in all, Charlie Sheen, the strain, is kind of like how Charlie Sheen, the actor, comes across in interviews–a fun, yet wild and chaotic ride with odd moments of calm.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Charlie Sheen cannabis? For being such a sociable and erratic high, one might think that Charlie Sheen cannabis doesn’t have much to offer medical users. However, this strain has the potential to help patients who are seeking to alleviate various mental and physical health issues. Charlie Sheen has been known to help relieve stress, depression, and even bipolar disorder. On the physical end of the spectrum, this strain may be effective in aiding those suffering from fatigue, chronic and temporary aches and pains, headaches, and lupus. Interestingly enough, despite being a more energetic strain, if one chooses to exceed their usual dosage, then it may help to combat insomnia. One important thing to note is that if you are susceptible to panic attacks or have a low THC tolerance, Charlie Sheen is not the best strain for you as it can result in the feeling of not being able to control racing, cyclical thoughts.   What does Charlie Sheen taste like? Charlie Sheen is something of an unusual-tasting strain, which is not to say that it’s at all unpleasant, but merely to say it’s not the most typical marriage of flavors. Many describe it as tasting somewhat of dank pine, kush, sweet overripe fruit, and berries, along with a hint of citrusy lemon. For those who prefer to combust their strains, Charlie Sheen is generally considered nice and smooth on the lungs.   How do I grow Charlie Sheen cannabis seeds? Cultivating Charlie Sheen definitely requires some experience in order to successfully grow it. One thing that does make things a bit easier is the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized.  Charlie Sheen can be grown in and outside, where outdoors it requires a semi-humid environment where temps hover in the range of 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless of where you are growing Charlie Sheen, if you want to bring out its luscious purple hues, you will need to expose it to cold, but not freezing, overnight temperatures right before the plants begin to flower.   What do Charlie Sheen cannabis plants look like? Fully-grown Charlie Sheen plants are medium in height and produce distinctive large, tapered flowers that have a bud structure that’s loose as opposed to dense, as is common for sativas. Its feathery, dark-green nuggets can display a smattering of purple accents when properly shocked, and are fully covered inside and out with shimmering white trichomes that can appear silver from a distance.   When to harvest your Charlie Sheen cannabis plant Even though Charlie Sheen doesn’t produce the largest harvests, its effects definitely make growing this plant worthwhile, especially as it’s now possible to do so from seed as opposed to only from clippings.  Cultivated indoors, Charlie Sheen should flower in approximately 9-10 weeks, providing a medium-sized yield of about 350 grams per square meter. Grown outdoors in the right climate setting, this strain should yield around 350 grams per plant by mid-October.    Cannabis strains similar to Charlie Sheen Green Crack one of Charlie Sheen’s three parent strains that’s sativa-dominant Tahoe OG a 50/50 hybrid that’s a “relative” of Charlie Sheen’s as they both share OG Kush ancestry Sour Kush one more for fans of OG Kush-descendant strains White Fire OG like Charlie Sheen in that this is an indica-dominant strain that isn’t known for zapping your energy


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