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Cannalope Kush is a refreshingly crisp wake-and-bake hybrid that’s renowned for its fruity kush flavor and classic sativa high.

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Wholesale Cannalope Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 423 times today. Purchased 79 times today. Purchased 439 times this week.   To grow a refreshingly crisp wake-and-bake sativa-dominant hybrid, you need simply to invest in some Cannalope Kush cannabis seeds. Cannalope Kush, which is also known as “Momma Kush” or “Mama Kush,” is renowned for its fruity kush flavor and classic sativa high. It is the offspring of OG Kush #18 and Cannalope Haze.   What are the effects of Cannalope Kush cannabis? Happy Energetic Uplifted Euphoric With Cannalope Kush cannabis seeds, you should be able to easily grow a dynamic wake-and-bake strain that contains 20% THC and a sativa to indica ratio of 75:25. Cannalope Kush cannabis is mainly cerebral in its effects, though this is not to say that it doesn’t come with some soothing body relaxation as well that works to ease tensions without sedating or inducing sleep. Cannalope Kush starts off strong with a giant crescendoing wave of euphoria that washes the blues and lethargy away, leaving high spirits and creative energy in their stead. The uplifting effects of this sativa-dominant hybrid are long-lasting and will have you feeling good and happy about yourself, your life, and whatever it is you are needing to do that day. Most users experience its powerful mental high as clear-headed in its effects as opposed to psychedelic or overwhelmingly stimulating. As such, many users love Cannalope Kush for its ability to rid their mind of distracting thoughts and sharpen their focus. Some like to use it when they have a lot of work to accomplish and others prefer it as a pre-game boost before heading out with friends. Regardless of your preference, some of the only things that Cannalope Kush probably isn’t the best for are being couch-locked and falling asleep.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Cannalope Kush cannabis? Cannalope Kush, which has a reputation as an upbeat and lively kind of strain, is often used to help medical users manage and lessen chronic stress, depression, and PTSD-related symptoms. Cannalope Kush’s indica side has the potential to provide temporary pain relief to those who are suffering from chronic pain, headaches, migraines, and nausea.  In addition, its energetic and mentally stimulating properties can be of especial use to those who are needing some assistance in combating their fatigue.   What does Cannalope Kush taste like? Cannalope Kush is interesting in that it gets its classic kush fragrance from its OG Kush #18 parent, but when it comes to its tantalizing tropical fruity flavor, full credit goes to its other parent Cannalope Haze. When combusted, Cannalope Kush gives off a nice light smoke that is sweet, citrusy, and fruity with hints of kush and pine. Upon exhaling, you’re likely to notice woody and even more subtle tropical fruit notes. All of which combined together, make for quite an exhilarating flavor-filled experience.   How do I grow Cannalope Kush cannabis seeds? Cannalope Kush, which is resistant to mold and can be grown indoors and out, is rated as an easy strain to grow, which means even novice cultivators should find success with this lively strain. Since all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, it means that the chances of ending up with male plants is quite low–somewhere around 10% or so. No matter where you grow it, Cannalope Kush does best in a Mediterranean-like setting. If you are growing it inside, although you can use hydroponics, it actually does better with soil.    What do Cannalope Kush cannabis plants look like? Cannalope Kush plants usually end up being anywhere from 3-5 feet in height, and it produces buds that are dense in structure. Its luminous, light green buds, which are handsomely adorned in stringy orange and amber pistils, are thickly coated in super sticky, resinous trichomes that appear like frost in the early flowering stage. However, just because these sweet crystal trichomes appear early on, you should still wait until your plants have fully flowered and matured and reached around 3 feet in height before you begin to harvest your bounty.   When to harvest your Cannalope Kush cannabis plant When grown inside, Cannalope Kush provides slightly above-average yields of 450 grams per square meter in about 8-9 weeks. If you’re able to grow Cannalope Kush outside, you’ll definitely want to as not only does it grow faster outdoors it also provides much larger harvests. Generally, it’s ready for the picking sometime between the end of September and the first half of October, and should render a very pleasing yield of about 750 grams per plant.   Similar cannabis strains to Cannalope Kush Cannalope Haze this near-pure sativa hybrid is one of Cannalope Kush’s parent strains OG Kush a sativa-leaning hybrid that’s a great example of an OG kinda kush Harlequin this high-CBD, low-THC strain also has a 75:25 sativa/indica ratio Island Sweet Skunk a high-yielding and energetic hybrid with a 75:25 sativa/indica ratio Green Goddess once hard to obtain in seed form, this indica-dominant hybrid also has a THC content of 20%.  


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