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Candy Jack is one happy and energetic 50/50 hybrid that’s not going to have you dozing off on your couch. 

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Wholesale Candy Jack Feminized Seeds Viewed 425 times today. Purchased 78 times today. Purchased 660 times this week.   For the longest time, Candy Jack cannabis seeds have been relatively hard to come by, but not anymore thanks to Growers Choice Seeds. This 50/50 hybrid that once captured first place at the Cannabis Cup is the resultant cross of the legendary Jack Herer and Skunk No. 1, with whispers that Cotton Candy just might be its third parent.   What are the effects of Candy Jack cannabis? Happy Uplifted Energetic Creative With Candy Jack cannabis seeds you’ll be able to grow your own candy shop. Ok, well, not exactly, but you will be able to grow candy-licious plants with a stunning 25% THC content. Candy Jack cannabis, which is an evenly-balanced hybrid, is one happy and energetic strain that’s not going to have you dozing off on your couch. In fact, its lively and uplifting effects make this an ideal wake-and-bake daytime option. Its upbeat cerebral effects combined with its big rush of energy will rev you up so you feel ready to tackle your day head-on. Users also report that Candy Jack’s big mental boost allows for more creative and innovative thinking, making it that much easier to accomplish any tasks or projects that need accomplishing. In addition, its physical effects are that of a motivating body tingling that will keep you moving for hours on end.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Candy Jack cannabis? Thanks to Candy Jack’s euphoric and uplifting properties, it has the potential to provide medical cannabis users significant relief from stress, depression, and symptoms related to bipolar disorder. Its huge shot of energy may be especially useful to those overcome with fatigue get the recharge they need. In addition, Candy Jack is known to alleviate physical health ailments such as chronic pain, headaches, migraines, and loss of appetite—the latter of which can be of great aid to those struggling with eating disorders.   What does Candy Jack taste like? Once you get a whiff of Candy Jack’s sweet fruity aromas, you’ll have a good idea of what you’re in for flavor-wise. Many compare its taste to that of being in a candy store, thereby inducing childhood nostalgia for those days when just walking into a candy shop was a delicious, happiness-inducing experience. To be more specific, Candy Jack provides a complex flavor profile of sweet, sugary citrus with notes of pine and flowers. All of which is to say, if you love candy and cannabis, you’re going to love Candy Jack. How do I grow Candy Jack cannabis seeds? Candy Jack is considered an easy strain to grow, making it an excellent option for cultivators of all skill levels, including first-time and novice growers. Plus, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means the chances of ending up with male or hermaphrodite plants are significantly low—somewhere in the 10% range. Not only can Candy Jack thrive both indoors and out, it’s also highly resistant to molds and diseases. In terms of general upkeep, this evenly-balanced hybrid mainly requires plenty of light and some occasional pruning. All of which is to say, Candy Jack is a pretty low-maintenance strain to cultivate.   What do Candy Jack cannabis plants look like? Drawing on its indica traits, Candy Jack is only two feet in height when fully grown. Therefore, it’s safe to say that its plants don’t require a lot of space in which to achieve their full potential. Candy Jack produces alluring buds that are shades of vivid greens with hints of golden yellows and deep rich reds. In keeping with its sativa traits, its medium-sized nuggets are quite light and fluffy in structure with a bountiful dressing of crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your Candy Jack cannabis plant Producing above-average sized yields, Candy Jack does not disappoint in the harvest department. Furthermore, the fact that it’s such an easy strain to grow may have you feeling quite pleased about getting a very large reward for minimal effort. Grown indoors, Candy Jack should be ready to harvest in about 8-9 weeks, with an approximate yield of 400 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, this 50/50 hybrid should produce a harvest of about 500 grams per plant in October after completing its vegetative and flowering stages over the course of around two months.   Cannabis strains similar to Candy Jack Jack Herer this enduringly popular recreational and medical strain is one of Candy Jack’s parent strains Skunk No. 1 this prized strain that’s been a popular choice since the 1970s also claims Candy Jack as an offspring Lemon Jack this sativa-dominant hybrid is also an offspring of Jack Herer Blueberry Skunk an indica-heavy relative of Candy Jack’s that also has Skunk No. 1 as a parent strain Phantom OG like Candy Jack, this too is an evenly-balanced 50/50 hybrid


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