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California Orange hits quickly without bowling you over, giving a mood-lifting, cerebral high and some nice mild body West Coast chill.

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Wholesale California Orange Feminized Seeds Viewed 424 times today. Purchased 56 times today. Purchased 506 times this week. Ahh… California Orange, a true O.G. that got its start back in the 80s when MTV played music videos and Nancy Reagan had school kids chanting “Just Say No!” (to drugs), that goes by “Cali-O,” “Cali Orange Bud,” “California Orange Bud,” or good ol’ “C.O.B.” No one knows its exact origins, but everyone agrees it definitely has the sweet smell and taste of an orange!   What are the effects of California Orange cannabis? With a relatively low THC level of 10%-15%, this classic 50/50 indica-sativa hybrid hits quickly without bowling you over, giving a fast-acting, mood-lifting cerebral high followed by clarity of mind as its indica properties give you some nice mild body West Coast chill. Thanks to its clear-headed and gentle, body-relaxing high, California Orange makes for great daytime usage, as many users find it helps them feel more energized and able to concentrate more clearly on the task at hand and happier about doing so!    Medical benefits of California Orange marijuana? In terms of California Orange’s medical uses, its energy- and focus-providing effects seem to help patients counter extreme mood swings, depression, various anxiety disorders, ADHD, hyperactivity, and fatigue. It has also been known to aid in providing relief for nausea and mild aches and pain.    Growing California Orange cannabis seeds With its soft, light green, and sticky orange-haired buds and reaching as high as 6 feet tall, California Orange does require experience and a warmer, sunny environment to grow. Indoors, it can be harvested in 9-10 weeks and provide a harvest of 14-18 oz per square meter. Outdoors, harvesting happens from the end of October to early November and will yield around 18 oz per plant. California Orange is attractive in appearance, appealing in taste and smell, and an all-around evenly-balanced hybrid that is easy on the lungs, mind, and body.


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