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C4 is a lively yet relaxing 50/50 hybrid sure to leave you feeling pacified after a long day or week.

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Wholesale C4 Feminized Seeds Viewed 345 times today. Purchased 84 times today. Purchased 387 times this week.   While C4 cannabis seeds have been commercially available for a while, it’s often been difficult to procure them as distributors often seem to be in short supply. Fortunately, with Growers Choice, that’s no longer an issue. C4, which is an evenly-balanced hybrid that leans more indica in its effects, is the resultant cross of Cotton Candy, aka “Cotton Candy Kush,” and Shishkaberry, making for a fruity-tasting bud known for its calming effects.   What are the effects of C4 cannabis? Happy Focused Euphoric Relaxed C4 cannabis seeds develop into plants with a THC content of 20% and CBD level of 1%.  This lively yet relaxing 50/50 hybrid is sure to leave you feeling pacified after a long day or week. C4 cannabis is known for providing users with a clear-headed, mind- and attention-focusing high that can leave you feeling both euphorically happier and calmer as it works to untangle cerebral and bodily tensions. Due to the fact that it can also bring on quite the hunger, some users recommend it as an ideal strain to use before meeting up with friends for dinner, where you can merrily and breezily eat and chat the time away. However, C4 can also eventually leave you feeling rather sleepy, so you might want to plan your day or night accordingly if meeting up with friends.   What are the therapeutic benefits of C4 cannabis? While strains don’t have to contain CBD to be useful to medical users, having even as much as 1%, as C4 does, can make them just that much more effective. C4 is often used in the medical cannabis community to help address mental health issues such as chronic stress and anxiety, mild to severe depression, and PTSD thanks to its positive, lucid, and blissful cerebral effects. This balanced hybrid also has the potential to provide patients struggling with physical health conditions like chronic pain, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, glaucoma, GI disorders, and arthritis. C4’s ability to restore the loss of appetite and combat nausea can be especially useful to those struggling with eating disorders.   What does C4 taste like? With parents like Cotton Candy and Shishkaberry, it’s hardly shocking that C4 has a solid reputation among recreational and medical users for both its fragrance and flavor. In fact, C4 is considered quite flavorful as it packs a harmonious blend of tart lemon, sour citrus, and sweet pine with floral, cheesy, and earthy notes to boot.    How do I grow C4 cannabis seeds? C4 is a solid choice for growers of all skill levels, including those in the “newbie” and “novice” categories. Making things that much simpler is the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which means the chances of ending up with a hermaphroditic or male plant are quite slim. C4, which can be successfully grown inside and out, is quite resistant to common molds, mildews, and diseases. Grown outside, C4 will require a warm, semi-humid climate where daytime temperatures stay in the 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit range. Note that near the end of its flowering stage C4 may require supports to keep its heavily-laden branches from sagging or breaking.   What do C4 cannabis plants look like? This small- to medium-sized plant is something of a bushy grower. However, even with its horizontal branches, it can usually be cultivated in a relatively small space. C4’s buds are the epitome of a 50/50 hybrid in that their structure is a mix of sativa and indica traits with a large, fluffy exterior and leaves that are tightly-packed at the base. Its nuggets, which are a soft green, are elegantly interspersed with orange pistils and covered in a phenomenal frosting of sticky, to the point of syrup-like, trichomes. In fact, breaking C4 buds apart by hand is quite the task, so having a grinder that’s specifically designated for your highly-resinous strains is definitely advisable.   When to harvest your C4 cannabis plant With its healthy-sized harvests, C4 will not disappoint. In fact, its solid yields could serve as encouragement to those new to cannabis cultivation to keep honing their skills. Cultivated indoors, this fabulous hybrid will take about 8-9 weeks to complete its flowering stage, at which point you can anticipate a nice yield of 400 grams per square meter. If you are able to grow C4 outdoors, it should be harvest-ready come mid-October, or thereabouts, with an approximate reward of 500 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to C4 Cotton Candy Kush this fruity, fragrant, and delightfully potent 50/50 hybrid is one of C4’s parent strains Candy Kush this excellent hybrid that’s a powerhouse painkiller is a relative of C4’s, with Cotton Candy as a parent strain too California Orange a 50/50 hybrid that will quickly brighten things Corleone Kush is a 50/50 hybrid that instills calm and joy Snowcap a 50/50 hybrid that’s sativa-leaning in its effects


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