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Considered the epitome of a modern Kush, Buddha Tahoe offers powerful, psychedelic, and  cerebral waves of euphoria with tension-melting physical relaxation.

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Wholesale Buddha Tahoe Feminized Seeds Viewed 438 times today. Purchased 68 times today. Purchased 579 times this week.   Cultivation fans of pure indicas definitely need to add Buddha Tahoe cannabis seeds to their collection. This unique strain, which is not to be confused with sativa-dominant Buddha Tahoe OG, is the result of backcrossing OG Kush Tahoe. Considered the epitome of a modern Kush, Buddha Tahoe won the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup.   What are the effects of Buddha Tahoe cannabis? Relaxed Happy Euphoric Sleepy Buddha Tahoe cannabis seeds grow into plants that are 100% pure indica with a THC content of 21%. Not uncommon for a pure indica, Buddha Tahoe cannabis does take time before hitting users with its full effects. Despite lacking any sativa in its genetics, Buddha Tahoe actually starts off with a powerful, psychedelic, and cerebral wave of euphoria that’s likely to leave you not only radiating bright beams of happiness but overcome with a long-lasting case of the giggles. After an hour or two, Buddha Tahoe’s heavy physical high sets in as it melts away all muscular tension, enabling you to fully relax. The only reason that this pure indica won’t necessarily result in total couch lock is due to its potent mental boost. Ironically, even though Buddha Tahoe tends to send users floating off to the land of nod, it can actually do the opposite and end up overstimulating the mind and keeping users wide awake when used in excess.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Buddha Tahoe cannabis? Although Buddha Tahoe wasn’t necessarily bred to be a medical strain, its recreational properties definitely contain many therapeutic benefits for medical users. Buddha Tahoe’s undeniable mental stimulation and initial giddy effects mean it has the very real potential to temporarily alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression as it expunges negative thoughts and feelings and replaces them with a sense of positivity and good vibes. As a pure indica with strong analgesic properties, Buddha Tahoe is said to consistently provide relief to medical users needing respite from chronic aches and pains, arthritis, PMS, tinnitus, migraines, nausea, and loss of appetite. Finally, it pretty much goes without saying that this 100% indica strain can be a powerful ally to insomniacs when used in moderation.   What does Buddha Tahoe taste like? With a name like Buddha Tahoe you might expect its flavor profile to be on the subtle, “zen-like” side. In reality, this fabulous strain has a potent lemony citrus taste married with invigorating notes of pine.  When combusted, Buddha Tahoe shows some of its Kush traits with an exhale that’s dankly earthy and hashy.   How do I grow Buddha Tahoe cannabis seeds? Rated as easy to grow, Buddha Tahoe can be successfully cultivated inside, outside, and in greenhouses by growers of all skill levels. Plus, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means that having exclusively female plants is likely. Buddha Tahoe is a sturdy plant that’s highly resistant to diseases caused by moisture, strong winds, and sudden fluctuations in temperature. That said, it does best in a warm, temperate, and well-aerated outdoor growing environment. However, professional cultivators seem to prefer growing Buddha Tahoe indoors, where the strain responds well to the Sea of Green (SoG) method.   What do Buddha Tahoe cannabis plants look like? When fully mature, Buddha Tahoe plants are medium in height, as opposed to being short, which is what one usually expects from an indica. This strain produces oblong-shaped nuggets that are tightly packed together, which is structurally in keeping with its indica genetics. Buddha Tahoe’s buds are lovely to behold with their bright shades of minty greens and lime-colored hues all accented by vibrant orange pistils that are completely coated in a resinous blanket of sticky crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your Buddha Tahoe cannabis plant Award-winning Buddha Tahoe produces average-sized yields that may be increased when using the SoG method inside, where it usually produces about 350 grams per square meter. Using SoG may also work to shorten its indoor flowering period of 8-9 weeks to just 7. Grown outdoors, Buddha Tahoe should be ready to harvest around the last week of October with an approximate yield of 400 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to Buddha Tahoe White Rhino an easy-to-grow, insanely high yielding, first-class pure indica that delivers a phenomenally clean high Pez a sticky sweet strain with a deceptively high THC content (25%) that’s also a 100% pure indica Romulan Kush a strongly-sedating, pure indica that grows quickly and easily Michael Phelps a 50/50 hybrid that works more like an indica with its heavy-hitting, sedative effects Asian Fantasy for those who prefer 100% sativas, this is one that’s sure to delight connoisseurs


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