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The aroma of Blue Dream marijuana seeds is enough to win you over. As the smell of vanilla and blueberry washes over you, you’ll experience cerebral euphoria as well as elevated creativity. This dream-like sativa hybrid makes users more social, engaging, and relaxed under potentially anxious situations.

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Wholesale Blues Dream Feminized Seeds Viewed 389 times today. Purchased 63 times today. Purchased 485 times this week. The cannabis market is flooded with high-THC strains for regular users. It’s actually harder to find strains that are appropriate and suitable for novice users or even beginners. That’s why we love Blue Dream marijuana seeds. This sativa-dominant hybrid feels like a waking dream with soothing and relaxing effects. Even though Blue Dream veers on the sativa side, its effects are much more in line with indicas.  At first, users notice a gentle rush of euphoria to the brain to boost happiness and all-around positivity. That’s common with sativa strains. The indica side of Blue Dream helps consumers relax and stay calm under anxiety-driven situations. But don’t confuse relaxation for fatigue or laziness. Blue Dream marijuana seeds are better suited for daytime use to help consumers get out of bed and get going.  Blue Dream helps put an extra pep in your step. Very much a creative strain, this sativa-dominant hybrid can help with brainstorming or coming up with new ideas for a project. Many reach for this strain before work as it makes them more social and engaging with others. As for the aroma, it’s an all-around win with notes of sweet vanilla and blueberry. Your neighbors might think you’re baking a blueberry pie!


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