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Blue Mango is an indica-dominant hybrid that isn’t likely to immediately knock you out vs quickly mellowing you out.

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Wholesale Blue Mango Feminized Seeds Viewed 364 times today. Purchased 78 times today. Purchased 526 times this week. Some whisper that Mango Kush and Blue Dream are Blue Mango’s parent strains and others say it’s got to be Blueberry and William’s Wonder. Well, whichever of these strains that Blue Mango owes its existence to, they should be proud of how quickly their dynamic indica-dominant hybrid progeny provides even veteran smokers with almost-automatic relaxation. Blueberry-tasting Blue Mango, which has a sweet-smelling smoke that can feel a bit harsh resulting in coughing and some water in the eye moments for some, isn’t likely to immediately knock you out with its 18% THC level. What it is more likely to do is quickly mellow you out and give you a sense of relief, while leaving you still feeling capable of getting some things done if need be. That said, the more you smoke, then the more likely you are to end up frozen in place on your couch. In regards to cerebral effects, users often report feeling like they’re in a very enjoyable, foggy state. Blue Mango’s combined impacts of body sedation and serene mindset make it ideal for a super laid-back evening of chilling at home by yourself or with a few close friends. Those who suffer from insomnia might find Blue Mango’s deep relaxation effects to afford them some much-needed sleep. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent option for medical users to potentially find some relief from migraines and muscle and joint pain. Blue Mango has also been known to help alleviate symptoms related to depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. Blue Mango is the kind of medium to large flowering marijuana plant that even beginners can grow indoors, provided there’s plenty of light and pruning going on. Often, Blue Mango’s pale green nuggets will have deep blue and purple hues that sharply contrast with its rust-colored pistils. 


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