Wholesale Blue Amnesia Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds


Amnesia Haze will lift you to the highest heights and show you what a true happy high looks and feels like.

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Wholesale Blue Amnesia Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 456 times today. Purchased 61 times today. Purchased 320 times this week. Placing 1st in the 2004 Cannabis Cup and 2012 Sativa Cup, sativa-dominant hybrid Amnesia Haze has long been an Amsterdam coffee shop crowd pleaser! With a THC level ranging from 20%-25%, Amnesia Haze will lift you to the highest heights and show you what a true happy high looks and feels like, and unlike its name implies, you won’t return forgetting what happened!   What are Amnesia Haze’s parent strains? Amnesia Haze is derived from South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains along with Thai and Hawaiin sativas all crossbred with the indica-dominant Afghhani strain, making for a well-rounded sativa cerebral high.    What is the taste and effect of Amnesia Haze cannabis? With a sweet, lemony, earthy aroma and flavor, Amnesia Haze is a great daytime smoke resulting in a high that will leave you feeling giggly, uplifted, creative, energized, and perhaps initially in a more hyper-thoughtful and/or acutely-aware state of mind. Some users do report dry eyes and cottonmouth, and those who are anxiety-prone along with newbies may experience some paranoia if they overdo it.    Therapeutic benefits of Amnesia Haze With Amnesia Haze being known for its mood-boosting effects, it can be a useful combatant for helping relieve depression and stress. Its other medical benefits include potentially alleviating chronic pain, migraines, fatigue, and ADHD symptoms. It can also help patients who are dealing with treatment side effects of loss of appetite and lethargy.   Grow your own Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds For growers, Amnesia Haze is a “medium” in terms of difficulty. Outdoors it requires temps that fall consistently between 72-80 Fahrenheit, and will yield approximately 25 oz per plant in late October. Grown indoors, it will take around 9+ weeks before it’s harvest-ready, reaching average heights of 3-4 feet, and yielding around 21 oz per square meter of plants. The resulting yellowish to greenish, conical nuggets are interwoven with rust-colored strands and a soft dusting of trichomes.


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