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If feeling good is important to you, you’ll want some sativa-dominant Black Cherry Soda for even more goodness in your life.

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Wholesale Black Cherry Soda Feminized Seeds Viewed 326 times today. Purchased 53 times today. Purchased 683 times this week.   If feeling good is important to you, you’ll definitely want to grow some sativa-dominant Black Cherry Soda cannabis seeds to cultivate even more goodness in your life. While mentally stimulating and energizing Black Cherry Soda’s exact parentage is unknown, it is thought to be a cross between numerous strains including Blackberry, Cherry AK-47, Cinderella 99, Airborne G13, and Ortega.   What are the effects of Black Cherry Soda cannabis? Relaxed Uplfited  Creative With Black Cherry Soda cannabis seeds you should be able to easily grow plants that contain a sativa to indica ratio of 80:20 and a THC level of 23%. Black Cherry Soda cannabis is the kind of hybrid that hits hard and fast with its uplifting cerebral high. Excellent for both solo and social use, Black Cherry Soda is known for imparting feelings of happiness, bliss, and a renewed sense of liveliness. Its lucid mental effects are said to encourage creativity to flow freely, and its all-around feel good feelings should leave you feeling in good spirits whether you’re enjoying a day off at home or hanging out with friends at a party. As time passes, Black Cherry Soda’s mental effects become more subtle as its physical effects work to relax your body without leaving you feeling sedated or sluggish, and instead giving a nice mild body buzz that allows you to feel that much more contentedly at ease.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Black Cherry Soda cannabis? Despite containing a low CBD content, Black Cherry Soda still has many therapeutic benefits to offer medical users. Its spirit-lifting cerebral effects and physically calming properties mean that Black Cherry Soda has the potential to significantly alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, bipolar disorder, and PTSD-related symptoms. In terms of pain relief, while Black Cherry Soda only contains 20% indica, it is said to effectively relieve physical ailments like mild aches and pains, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, nausea, and loss of appetite.   What does Black Cherry Soda taste like? When it comes to Black Cherry Soda’s fragrance and flavor, it does not disappoint in either department. Smelling uniquely of berry and sweet fruits with earthy undertones, this sativa is considered to be one of the best-smelling strains around. Furthermore, if you love Black Cherry Soda’s aroma, you will go crazy for its flavor, which is even more amazing than its incredible scent. Tasting of fruits, berries, and cherries mixed with cream soda, the only thing that can be difficult about using Black Cherry Soda is that its flavor might result in you accidentally overdoing it thanks to how delicious this hybrid tastes.  How do I grow Black Cherry Soda cannabis seeds? Black Cherry Soda, which is resistant to common pests, is considered a very easy strain to grow that first-timers and novices should be able to grow with as much ease as a veteran cultivator. In addition, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which means that the chances of ending up with male plants is quite low at only 10% or so. Black Cherry Soda can be grown indoors, in indoor growing tents, outdoors, and in greenhouses. When grown inside, many cultivators opt for a grow tent as it’s easier to control the climate. Furthermore, to really bring out Black Cherry Soda’s alluring purple hues, you will just need to shock it by exposing it to cooler, but never freezing, overnight temperatures gradually throughout its flowering stage.   What do Black Cherry Soda cannabis plants look like? When fully mature, Black Cherry Soda plants can reach as high as six feet tall. Its buds, which are covered in a thick sticky coating of trichomes, are quite tightly packed together, which is actually an indica structural trait. Black Cherry Soda nuggets are a beautiful array of shades of green and light and dark vivid purple hues with a sparse smattering of orange pistils, making for quite the alluring and distinguishable display. When to harvest your Black Cherry Soda cannabis plant Not only is Black Cherry Soda an easy delight to grow, it also produces good-sized generous yields to boot! When grown indoors, this sativa should be ready to harvest in about 7-8 weeks with a yield of around 450 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, Black Cherry Soda should render approximately 550 grams per plant sometime around the early part of October.   Similar cannabis strains to Black Cherry Soda Blackberry this delicious, evenly-balanced hybrid is thought to be part of Black Cherry Soda’s lineage Cinderella 99 this fun sativa-dominant strain is another believed to be in Black Cherry Soda’s lineage Killer Queen this extraordinary wake-and-bake, 50/50 hybrid also has Cinderella 99 as a parent Glass Slipper as its name implies, this sativa-dominant hybrid is also an offspring of Cinderella 99 Blackberry Kush this versatile indica-dominant hybrid also claims Blackberry as a parent 


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