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Big Wreck, an indica-dominant hybrid, is more likely to make you feel euphorically uplifted and relaxed than utterly wrecked.

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Wholesale Big Wreck Feminized Seeds Viewed 389 times today. Purchased 55 times today. Purchased 552 times this week. Contrary to what its name implies, this indica-dominant hybrid is more likely to make you feel euphorically uplifted and relaxed than utterly wrecked. Big Wreck, which can have a THC level as high as 27%, is a cross between the indica hybrid Big Bud and sativa-dominant hybrid Traniwreck. Big Wreck’s aroma is a pungent skunky and spicy one that is anything but discreet. However, despite its strong aroma, it’s a smooth toke that’s gentle on the lungs with a skunky, herbal, sweetness that many say leaves a lingering aftertaste for hours. Like its parent Big Bud, Big Wreck is striking with its medium to large light green dense buds. The buds are frosted over with a thick coat of crystals and interspersed with orange hairs. Many prefer using a grinder to break them up due to their size and sticky resiny texture. Big Wreck doesn’t slam into you like a bullet train, instead like a slow-moving freight train departing the station it can take several minutes before it starts to slowly come over you. It begins as a cerebral high that steadily builds and plateaus as a nice relaxing high with an increased sense of well-being and ease. It’s an ideal mix of a sativa cerebral high and indica body chill without making you feel too paranoid or too glued to your couch. In short, Big Wreck can be a great sociable daytime high or an ideal way to kick back at the end of the day. Big Wreck, which can reach 5 feet in height if unpruned, can be grown indoors, flowering in 7-8 weeks. It can also be cultivated outdoors in a warm, sunny, semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate, flowering from late September to early October.  For medical users, Big Wreck can help reduce anxiety, headaches, mild muscle and joint pains, nausea, inflammation, and serve as an appetite stimulant for patients. Because it is known to provide a creative mood boost, it can aid in providing some respite from depression, stress, and anxiety.


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