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Up until recently, Avidekel has been incredibly difficult for growers to obtain. It gives a gentle, full-bodied high without psychoactive effects.

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Wholesale Avidekel CBD Medical Feminized Seeds Viewed 393 times today. Purchased 89 times today. Purchased 691 times this week. Congratulations! Until now, obtaining Avidekel cannabis seeds has been close to impossible without attempting to buy them directly from its original breeders in Israel, which even then is not always possible. Avidekel is an indica-dominant hybrid that was created at a government-approved facility in Israel to bring out its CBD content as opposed to its THC. As a CBD-rich strain, its medicinal value is an automatic assumption, but it also has benefits for recreational users who want a gentle, full-bodied high without any of the psychoactive side effects.   What are the effects of Avidekel cannabis? Relaxed Uplifted Happy Calming Being able to possess Avidekel cannabis seeds is a true gift to cultivators everywhere, as they grow into a highly-potent medicinal strain with a 16% CBD level and 2% THC. While Avidekel cannabis is quite low in THC, its uplifting and calming effects can still be fully experienced by recreational users. Described as having a “gentle rush,” Avidekel tends to fill users with feel-good vibes and happiness, without any intense or overwhelming effects. Its high CBD content also has significant recreational value in that it has the potential to help loosen muscles and soothe the body, which can leave users feeling energized and in a lighter state of mind. Another great thing about it being high in CBD and low in THC, is that for as deeply as it relaxes, it does not induce lethargy or couch lock, thereby allowing users to still be productive if need be. In fact, many say that Avidekel makes it easier to focus as they aren’t so distracted by mental or physical stresses.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Avidekel cannabis? In general, medicinal strains like Avidekel that are quite high in CBD tend to have the possibility of helping patients who struggle with seizures. Other physical ailments that Avidekel is reported to be useful in treating are chronic and temporary aches and pains, muscle aches, muscle spasms, and inflammation. For those seeking assistance with mental-health related issues, Avidekel is reported to provide temporary relief for those who live with stress, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD.   What does Avidekel taste like? Avidekel, which has a flavor that is similar to its smell, is quite delightful to the olfactory and taste senses. For those who prefer to combust their cannabis, Avidekel is a smooth and flavorful smoke that is also gentle on the lungs. Avidekel has a subtly sweet taste with rich nutty, earthy, and berry notes accompanied by hints of fresh pine.   How do I grow Avidekel cannabis seeds? Because Avidekel’s creators have kept its seeds unavailable to the public, there’s less exact cultivation information available about this particular strain. That said, because it is a heavily indica-dominant plant, there definitely are things that are known when it comes to cultivating it. Avidekel can be grown inside or outside or in a greenhouse. When grown outside it will thrive in a Mediterranean-like climate. You’ll also want to top it quite early on and trim its leaves so that light can reach areas that would normally be blocked by upper branches, as it’s the kind of plant more inclined to grow out instead of up. Some experts also recommend using low-stress training techniques in order to encourage new node growth. Furthermore, its nugget-heavy branches may need some additional support to prevent them from breaking as Avidekel matures.   What do Avidekel cannabis plants look like? Grown outdoors, Avidekel will grow to about 6 feet in height, and indoors, if properly topped and trimmed, it shouldn’t be an issue to maintain its height to about 2 feet. Its cone-shaped, hefty buds are emerald to olive green in color with beautiful golden tones, an abundance of wispy, curly orange hairs, and a very light smattering of crystal trichomes that can appear golden-white in certain lighting.   When to harvest your Avidekel cannabis plant Being able to look forward to harvesting your cannabis plants is one way to stay motivated throughout the entire process of nurturing them from seed to germination to planting to flowering plant. When it comes to Avidekel, your wait time won’t be that long, as indoors this strain should flower sometime between 7-9 weeks, providing an approximate yield of 450 grams per square meter. When cultivated outdoors, Avidekel should yield around 350 grams per plant.    Similar cannabis strains to Avidekel Suzy Q similar to Avidekel with exactly 1% less CBD and THC, equalling a 15% CBD level and 1% THC content Stephen Hawking Kush also gives you relaxed and uplifted effects without the “stoner high” Sour Tsunami high in CBD, also known to help provide relief to those who suffer from seizures I-95 another strain whose seeds are extremely rare and hard to come by 


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