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Asian Fantasy is so desired because it’s a perfect blend of relaxing but not sedating, plus uplifting, meditative, and interestingly trippy!

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Wholesale Asian Fantasy Feminized Seeds Viewed 377 times today. Purchased 63 times today. Purchased 437 times this week. Weed connoisseurs, rejoice! The mysterious and elusive Asian Fantasy, a 100% pure sativa strain that has been long-rumored to have “gone extinct,” is very much the opposite of obsolete! The exact genetics of this strain are unknown, but it most likely gained its name not due to tired old tropes, but because it is native to Southeast Asia.  Its native roots are also why this tall, 17%-24% THC level sativa strain grows best in sunny, outdoor climates, generally flowering in mid-October. It can also thrive indoors and flowers in 8-9 weeks, and is considered an easy grow, so long as you can keep indoor temperatures at a constant. Asian Fantasy has a legendary reputation for its psychedelic, creative, and mood boosting effects. It gives a great tingly, warming body high and has you feeling both more relaxed and social at the same time. However, if you are prone to paranoia or hallucinations this is probably not the strain for you, as it is very psychoactive.  Users describe Asian Fantasy’s memorable aroma as being sweet and sour with a sweet, spicy, and tea-like taste. This alluring and much-sought after strain is equally mesmerizing in appearance with its deep red hairs and dank green nuggets that many say reminds them of a crustacean’s claw. Known for its invigorating effects, Asian Fantasy is often recommended for helping those with depression and chronic stress. It can also help relieve muscle spasms, chronic muscle and joint pain, headaches and migraines. Some patients use Asian Fantasy to help them regain their lost appetite. There is a reason Asian Fantasy is such a sought-after strain, as it’s a perfect blend of relaxing but not sedating–making social settings more comfortable if you’re on the shyer end of the spectrum–and is all the while uplifting, meditative, and interestingly trippy! 


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