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White Russian is a prestigious, inspiring, well-balanced hybrid that leans sativa in its effects and really ties the room together.

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White Russian Feminized Seeds Viewed 432 times today. Purchased 78 times today. Purchased 700 times this week.     This strain really ties the room together. If prestigious and inspiring 50/50 hybrids are your thing, then White Russian cannabis is the strain by which to abide.  Winner of numerous distinguished awards, including the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup, White Russian is a well-balanced hybrid that leans sativa in its effects. It was created via the crossing of revered parent strains AK-47 and White Widow.    What are the effects of White Russian cannabis? Relaxed Happy Hungry Creative White Russian cannabis seeds blossom into an evenly-balanced strain with a fast- and heavy-hitting THC content of 23%. Many an artist loves White Russian cannabis, claiming it to be a seemingly endless source of creative thinking and visionary ideas. In addition, this sanguine, well-balanced hybrid is known for packing quite a long-lasting and powerful punch. If you’re feeling down or stuck in a creative or productive rut, White Russian may be the spark you need to flick the switch from “Off” to “On,” as it comes on strong with its happy, upbeat vibes that leave you mentally, emotionally, and physically boosted. This cerebrally euphoric and stimulating hybrid is the kind that’s more likely to leave you amped and motivated to get things done as opposed to lazy and unmotivated. However, do note that those with a low THC tolerance should start off conservatively, as too much can result in a sense of paranoia. As you find yourself buzzing about in the warm hum of happiness and positive thoughts and feelings, White Russian also helps to relax both your mind and body so that you’re able to stay in a blissful state while merrily going about your day or night. But that’s just, like, our opinion, man.    What are the therapeutic benefits of White Russian cannabis? White Russian has therapeutic potential for a variety of mental and physical health ailments, making it a wonderful, non-sedating option for medical cannabis users. This well-balanced hybrid, with its physical and cerebral effects known to be both rousing and soothing at the same time, may be of great use in helping patients suffering from chronic stress, fatigue, and depression find respite. For those who use cannabis regularly, White Russian may also work to alleviate anxiety if used in moderation. In addition, White Russian is said to be effective in helping alleviate issues such as chronic migraines, headaches, back and joint aches, chronic pain, nausea, and loss of appetite.   What does White Russian taste like? For those familiar with the cocktail, its cloyingly sweet and creamy taste is both its biggest selling point and turn-off depending on your preferences. Fortunately, the flavor of White Russian, the cannabis strain, is not so extreme in the responses it elicits from users, with most agreeing that its sweet flavors of pine, earth, wood, and spice combined with nutty and citrusy notes are quite pleasant on the palate.    How do I grow White Russian cannabis seeds? Highly resistant to common molds and pests, and relatively low maintenance, White Russian is considered an excellent option for even first-time growers. In addition, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means that the chances of ending up with male plants are quite low. Doing well both indoors and out, White Russian requires a warm setting, and when grown outside, it responds best to plenty of exposure to the sun.   What do White Russian cannabis plants look like? White Russian plants are known for being bushy and not exceeding 4 feet in height. Its buds are usually small to medium in size, and demonstrate their sativa genetics by being quite loose and fluffy in their structure. White Russian’s soft green nuggets are usually completely covered in a blanket of frosty trichomes, though depending on their exact phenotype their trichome coverage may be more modest.   When to harvest your White Russian cannabis plant White Russian produces average indoor yields and significantly larger outdoor harvests. When grown inside, this evenly-balanced strain should begin to flower in 9-10 weeks and provide cultivators with an approximate harvest of 350 grams per square meter. Cultivated outside, White Russian tends to produce a much larger yield of 500 grams per plant sometime in the month of October.   Cannabis strains similar to White Russian AK-47 this popular, award-winning, sativa-leaning hybrid is one of White Russian’s parent strains White Widow this infamous and highly sought-after, sativa-leaning hybrid also claims White Russian as an offspring Thin Mint GSC this rare and exquisite dessert strain is also a 50/50 hybrid Cannatonic bursting with 12% CBD, this is another 50/50 hybrid that makes for a great wake-and-bake strain SAGE a perfectly engineered 50/50 hybrid that, like White Russian, also contains 23% THC


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