White Nightmare Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


White Nightmare, which is the furthest thing from being a night terror, is known for its exhilarating and blissful effects.

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White Nightmare Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 310 times today. Purchased 96 times today. Purchased 469 times this week. For a dream of a sativa-heavy hybrid, order some White Nightmare cannabis seeds today! White Nightmare, which is the furthest thing from being a night terror, is known for its exhilarating and blissful effects. This lovely strain is the offspring of White Moonshine and Blue Dream.   What are the effects of White Nightmare cannabis? Relaxed Happy Uplifted Energized Creative With White Nightmare cannabis seeds you’ll be able to grow plants with an 80:20 sativa-to-indica ratio, mild 18% THC level, and above-average CBD content of 1%. If you’re looking for an inspiring and uplifting energy boost in the morning, afternoon, or evening, White Nightmare cannabis will deliver for hours on end. Its well-founded reputation among recreational users is that of being a cerebrally invigorating and euphoric strain that leaves you motivated to get things done and to do so in a more inventive and inspired manner, which is also why so many creative types love White Nightmare. This powerful sativa blend is all about gifting users with good and positive vibes, a buoyant body high, and mental and physical stimulation—all without overwhelming or sedating. As such, White Nightmare’s dynamic, fun, and lighthearted high makes for equally great usage either when home alone working on things or at a party with friends.   What are the therapeutic benefits of White Nightmare cannabis? Thanks to White Nightmare being such an optimistic and levity-inducing hybrid, it’s known in the medical cannabis community for being particularly effective in temporarily alleviating chronic stress and anxiety, chronic depression, PTSD-related symptoms, and other mood disorders. Its refreshing rush of energy may have the therapeutic benefit of helping those suffering from chronic fatigue get the recharge they need to go about their busy day. Medical users say that White Nightmare helps to treat other physical health ailments such as chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, backaches, PMS, and loss of appetite without inducing a heavy lethargic feeling.   What does White Nightmare taste like? White Nightmare has a flavor that’s as bewitching as its alluring fragrance.  This sativa-heavy hybrid has a delightfully complex flavor profile, and when combusted provides users with an enjoyably smooth smoke. White Nightmare’s blend of flavors include those of sweet blueberries and fruits, potently herbaceous and earthy undertones, and hints of spice, wood, and diesel with a surprisingly luscious and creamy finish to it.   How do I grow White Nightmare cannabis seeds? White Nightmare is a hearty strain that will thrive both inside and out, and is highly resistant to common diseases and pests. All of these traits are a big reason why White Nightmare is such an easy strain to grow regardless of whether you’re a first-time, novice, intermediate, or master cultivator. Plus, since all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, that means the chances of ending up with male plants is only in the 10% or so range. If you decide to grow White Nightmare outside, it will do best in a warm and dry setting. Due to how tall this sativa can grow, you will most likely need to support its branches so that its hefty calyxes don’t collapse.   What do White Nightmare cannabis plants look like? Apart from being a tall-growing plant, White Nightmare produces nuggets that are usually medium in size and quite chunky. Its tapered conical buds have dark forest green, purple, and red leaves that are threaded through with vibrant fiery orange pistils. White Nightmare’s nuggets are smothered in a very sticky coating of syrupy and resinous trichomes, which is why you will most likely need a high-quality grinder to break them apart.    When to harvest your White Nightmare cannabis plant The fact that White Nightmare is so easy to grow means that its average-sized yields can seem almost bigger than they are due to how little effort you have to put into nurturing these plants. Grown indoors, this sativa should finish its flowering stage in about 8 to 9 weeks and provide an approximate yield of 350 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, White Nightmare should render a harvest of about 350 grams per plant sometime around the middle of October.   Cannabis strains similar to White Nightmare Blue Dream this dream-like sativa hybrid makes users more social and relaxed, and is one of White Nightmare’s parent strains Acapulco Gold this cheerful and euphoric strain also has an 80:20 sativa-to-indica ratio Allen Wrench this fragrant and potent hybrid is another with an 80:20 sativa-to-indica ratio Strawberry Cough this sativa-dominant hybrid is said to be an easygoing experience, and like White Nightmare has an 18% THC content Dutch Treat offers the perfect mix of euphoria and relaxation and has the opposite 80:20 ratio of indica to sativa


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